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Cluster Disk Configuration

The Windows cluster must be configured with all the disk resources that will be used during the SQL Server Cluster install. The following disk resources will be used by FineBuild. The disk resource names will be changed to match the disk volume labels assigned by FineBuild.

In the table below, the drive letters assigned to the Drv... parameters for a given cluster must not be the same as the drive letters assigned to a different cluster. Within a given cluster, a given drive letter can be used multiple times. For example, the same drive letter can be assigned to both DrvData and DrvDataFT, but this drive letter must not also be assigned to DrvDataAS.

Cluster Drv... parameter Default label
SQL DB /DrvData: SQL Data
/DrvDataFS: FS vData
/DrvDataFT: FT Data
/DrvTemp: SQL Temp
/DrvLog: SQL Logs
/DrvLogTemp: Temp Logs
/DrvBackup: Backup
SQL AS /DrvDataAS: AS Data
/DrvLogAS: AS Logs
/DrvTempAS: AS Temp
/DrvBackupAS: AS Backup
SQL IS No Drv... parameters used

The following Drv... parameters are also used in a SQL Server cluster install, but must be set to use a drive that is not a cluster resource because they must be local to each node:
Please see /Drv... Parameters and Setup Drive Labels for more details of drive parameters and labels.

The SQL Server client tools will always be installed on the System drive for a cluster install. This is because:
  • The Microsoft SQL Server install process does not allow these files to be placed elsewhere when a node is added to an existing SQL Server cluster.
  • It is best practice for all servers in a cluster to use the same file locations.
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