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Cluster IP Address Allocation

FineBuild can automatically assign the IP addresses for the MSDTC, SQL DB, SQL AS, and SQL IS clusters.

SQL FineBuild supports both TCP IPv4 and TCP IPv6 networks, and will always use a network assigned to the Windows Cluster Core Group. If the Cluster Core Group has only an IPv4 network, SQL FineBuild will also only use IPv4. If the Cluster Core Group has only an IPv6 network, SQL FineBuild will also only use IPv6. If the Cluster Core Group has both IPv4 and IPv6 networking configured then SQL FineBuild will use both protocols, except for SQL2005 where only IPv4 will be used.

This section covers the following topics:
Automatic IP Address Assignment
Manual IP Address Assignment
Port Usage

Automatic IP Address Assignment

SQL FineBuild will assign a static IP address to each cluster that it creates. This means that normally you do not need to do anything about which IP addresses to use for the SQL Server Clusters. If you allow automatic assignment, this is done by adding an offset value to the IP address of the Windows cluster. SQL FineBuild will automatically search for the first available IP address that is greater than the Windows cluster IP address.

It is suggested that a range of IP addresses is reserved for each cluster. This would result in the IP address use in the example below when the DTC and SQL cluster addresses are assigned automatically by FineBuild.

Object Type IP Address Sample Address
Windows Cluster Base IP address for cluster. Assigned manually.
Server Node 1 Assigned manually
Server Node 2 Assigned manually
Server Node 3 Assigned manually
Server Node 4 Assigned manually
Server Node 5 Assigned manually
MSDTC Cluster Assigned by FineBuild
SQL DB Cluster Assigned by FineBuild
SQL AS Cluster Assigned by FineBuild
SQL RS Cluster Assigned by FineBuild

If you are installing multiple SQL Server Clusters on the same Windows Cluster, SQL FineBuild will continue to allocate IP addresses automatically.

The following services are created as child services and therefore do not have their own IP address:
Description Parent Cluster
PolyBase Engine Cluster SQL DB
PolyBase Data Cluster SQL DB

Manual IP Address Assignment

It is also possible to manually assign which address is to be used by each SQL Server Cluster.

If explicit assignment is needed, this is done by using the /ClusxxIPSuffix: parameters at run time:

Parameter Comment
/ClusASIPSuffix: IP Suffix for Analysis Services Cluster
/ClusDBIPSuffix: IP suffix for SQL DB Cluster
/ClusDTCIPSuffix: IP suffix for MSDTC Cluster
/ClusRSIPSuffix: IP suffix for SQL RS Cluster

Only the last portion of the address is given, as the remaining portions of the address are inherited from the Windows Cluster address. The table below shows some examples of using these parameters:

Object Type IP Format Inherited Adress Explicit Assignment
MSDTC Cluster IPv4 192.168.0 /ClusDTCIPSuffix:145
SQL DB Cluster IPv6 in IPv4 mode ::192.168.0 /ClusDBIPSuffix:146
SQL AS Cluster IPv6 3ffe:190c:4a45:2:180:f8ff:fe22 /ClusASSuffix:68df


Port Usage

If you are installing a named instance cluster, it may be necessary to include the port number in the connection string (as shown below), even though this might not be needed for a non-cluster named instance install.
Data Source=Server\Instance,port
Data Source=PDGB01SQLC01DB\HR,50344
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