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Cluster Install Preparation

All installation activity must be performed while logged on using an account that is a member of the local Administrators group, and which also has the domain Account Operator right. When installing on Windows 2008 or above, FineBuild must be run using the Administrator context (i.e. use Run as Administrator or turn User Access Control off).

All of the items given in Install Preparation are required for a clustered installation of SQL Server. The additional tasks below are also required.

Windows Cluster Preparation

The Windows cluster must be built before FineBuild can be used to install the SQL Server clusters.

It is strongly recommended that failover testing of the cluster is performed before installing SQL Server, as any problems with failover will be harder to correct after the SQL Server clusters have been installed. Microsoft also recommends that non-essential network protocols (e.g. NETBIOS, SMB) are disabled on cluser servers in order to maximise network throughput.

If you are installing on Windows 2012 or above, you must also check if Delegation of Control is needed.

The Cluster Validation report must normally be run and complete without showing any errors. For a Windows 2008 R2 Core installation it may not be possible to meet this requirement, and FineBuild allows you to bypass it.

The SQL FineBuild cluster install process is designed to install SQL Server on to a single Windows cluster node each time it is run.

When SQL Server is installed on the second and subsequent cluster nodes, the node hosting the active SQL Server cluster must also be started, in order to allow the new SQL node to be added to the SQL Server cluster.

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