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Configure SQL Network Protocols

FineBuild can configure port usage for SQL Server Database Engine and for Analysis Services.

Port usage for SQL Server database engine is configured at this point, while port usage for Analysis Services is configured at Configure AS Instance General Properties.

SQL Network Ports configuration is not performed for a Cluster Install, because a Cluster does not need a named port.

Security Compliance

SQL Network Protocol configuration helps to reduce the host server surface area. If you setup Security Compliance then SQL Network Protocol configuration will always be implemented.

FineBuild SQL Network Protocols configuration

Automated silent SQL Network Protocols configuration relates to Process Id 5AB and is controlled by the parameters below:

Install Parameter Build SQL2005 SQL2008 SQL2008 R2 SQL2012 SQL2014
SetupNetwork FULL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SetupNetwork WORKSTATION Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SetupNetwork CLIENT N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

In order to maintain compatibility with older versions of SQL FineBuild, the parameter ConfigNetwork can also be used.

FineBuild also uses the following parameters to help configure SQL Network Protocols:
Parameter Default Description
TCPPort 1433 TCP port to be used for SQL Server database engine


Manual SQL Network Protocols configuration

The following steps show what you would have to do for manual SQL Network Protocols configuration. FineBuild does all of this work for you automatically.

1) Start SQL Server Configuration Manager.
Locate the Protocols for MSSQLSERVER and ensure the following protocols are enabled. All other protocols should be set to Disabled.
Named Pipes Enabled
Shared Memory Enabled
TCI/IP Enabled

Config Manager.png
2) Click OK to the following Warning message
Config Warning.png

3) Right-click on TCP/IP, select Properties.
Select the IP Addresses tab and specify the values below. Values should be specified for all IP Addresses except for and ::1
It is recommended that a site-specific port is used for the default instance. A site-specific port must be used for a named instance.
TCP Dynamic Ports Blank
TCP Port TCPPort value

4) Click OK to save the values.

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