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Copyright FineBuild Team

FineBuild Team

The FineBuild process and its associated documents and scripts are the copyright of the FineBuild Team © 2008 - 2016.

The FineBuild Team currently consists of:
All team members can be contacted via a personal message on CodePlex. If you feel you have the time to contribute to this project please contact one of the team members.

Portions of the FineBuild process and documentation updated before 2015 will have a copyright message naming only Edward Vassie, but the FineBuild Team copyright also applies to such items.

Other Copyright Acknowledgements

Altiris is a trademark of Symantec Corporation.
Double-Take is a trademark of Vision Solutions, Inc.
LiteSpeed is a trademark of Dell, Inc.
Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Microsoft, SQL Server, and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft, Inc.
Plan Explorer is a trademark of SQL Sentry, Inc.
SQL Backup is a trademark of Red Gate Software Ltd.
SQL Safe is a trademark of Idera, Inc.

All other trademarks that may be referenced within SQL FineBuild are acknowledged.

Copyright FineBuild Team © 2008 - 2016. License and Acknowledgements

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