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FineBuild Change History

3.2.0 27Dec2012 FineBuild V3.2.0 Release Contents for Beta 1
3.1.0 06Jun2012 FineBuild V3.1.0 Release Contents
3.0.2 17Feb2012 FineBuild V3.0.2 Release Contents
3.0.1 13Dec2011 FineBuild V3.0.1 Release Contents
3.0.0 03Sep2011 FineBuild V3.0.0 Release Contents
2.2.0 06May2011 Beta version with support added for SQL Server 2012
2.1.1 23Jun2010 Added support for SQL Server 2008 Cluster installs
2.1.0 17Oct2009 Beta version with support for Windows 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 Express Edition
2.0.0 20Jun2009 Initial SQL Server 2008 FineBuild V2 Release
1.1.0 27Feb2008 Added support for Workgroup Edition, fixed Security Warning message when installing SQL, various fixes to scripts
1.0.1 10Feb2008 Fixed typographic errors in QuickStart document, various fixes to scripts
1.0.0 02Feb2008 Initial SQL Server FineBuild release for SQL Server 2005

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