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FineBuild Components Inventory

This page contains a brief description of all of the components that make up FineBuild folders.

Everything that FineBuild does is an open book. VBScript is used for the processing logic because it is easy to understand and is interpreted at run time.

All of the script files have been produced so that the scope and processing in a script matches that given in the FineBuild documentation. This means that any portion of the install process can be performed either by FineBuild or manually and the same results will be achieved.

If you make any changes to the FineBuild scripts, it is important that the scope and processing of a script continues to match the documented FineBuild process. It would be normal for a Security Team to base security monitoring around the configuration described by the FineBuild documentation, and any deviation in server configuration away from this could result in security alerts being generated.

Item Comment
FineBuild Configuration File Description of the SQL FineBuild Configuration file
FineBuild Log File Details of the FineBuild Log File
Configuration Report File Details of the Configuration Report
FineBuild Folder Contents Scripts that can be run directly by the FineBuild user
Build Scripts Folder Contents Scripts and other routines that are unlikely to be run directly by the FineBuild user

If a script fails, it can normally be rerun after completing any relevant FineBuild Troubleshooting, except where noted otherwise.

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