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FineBuild Design Criteria

This section describes the principals that guided the FineBuild design.

The following items are included in this section:
Purpose of the SQL FineBuild Wiki
Scope of SQL FineBuild
Compliance with Standards
Technical Assumptions

Purpose of the SQL FineBuild Wiki

The purpose of this Wiki and the Reference Manual is to provide instructions for installing standardised builds of SQL Server. The standard FineBuild installation includes Service Pack and Cumulative Updates, various community components, and extensive configuration.

FineBuild is a SQL Server Automated Silent Install that is written using a combination of Windows batch commands, VB Script and Powershell. It is designed so that everything it does is open and available for inspection. Where relevant, citations to external sites are given to further explain a process that may appear complicated.

All prompts normally given during the SQL Server install process are suppressed, so that FineBuild runs as a silent unattended install.

SQL FineBuild seeks to implement Best Practice Guidelines in all of the work that it does, and the following items form the 'DNA' of SQL FineBuild:
  • Secure by default, but with the ability to de-commit where required
  • Separation of Duties to allow role-based administration
  • Use of minimum priviledge to perform a given task
None of the accounts needed to run or manage SQL Server need to have Windows Administrator authority - everything can operate using standard accounts.

Scope of SQL FineBuild

This document describes four standard builds of SQL Server.

The quickest way to install SQL Server using FineBuild is to use one of the FineBuild Standard Builds. For people new to FineBuild, it is recommended that the Workstation Build described in the Quick Start document is completed before attempting a more complex installation.

The tasks given in the sections below must be completed to perform a standard SQL Server installation on to a database server.
  • Install Preparation
  • SQL Server Install
  • SQL Server Fixes Install
  • Extra Components Install
  • SQL Server Configuration
  • User Preferences Configuration
The tasks given in Workstation Build are only required when SQL Server is being installed on to a workstation or to a small server.

The tasks given in Client Tools Only Build are only required where just the client components of SQL Server are being installed.

The tasks in the Reference Manual Appendix contain advice and troubleshooting details only, and do not need to be completed during the installation process.

FineBuild is designed to work with all editions of SQL Server on both 64-bit (x64) and 32-bit (x86) versions on Windows server and client operating systems from Windows XP onwards. It can be delivered using an interactive install, a consolidated automated install, or by a distribution tool such as Altiris . To obtain the best performance, SQL Server should be installed on Windows 2016.

The reasons for performing a given task and how to complete it are given only in enough detail to provide clarity or where special emphasis is required based on the Technical Assumptions below. It is expected that FineBuild will be periodically revised to ensure it remains relevant and consistent.

The examples in the Reference Manual feature a SQL Server 2008 install. The same process applies to installs of all the other SQL Server versions supported by FineBuild.

Compliance with Standards

The builds described in this document are environment-neutral, but are designed to support applications that require rigorous technical and security requirements.

A detailed statement of compliance to security standards is not required for this document. However, when a build is instantiated on to a server, the Handover and other documentation for that server and the applications hosted on it should demonstrate compliance to site standards.

Technical Assumptions

The way in which these procedures are written is based upon two key assumptions that allow the detail of procedures to be omitted from this document:

Competency of Staff

The document is targeted at staff within a Database Administration Team and it is expected that staff will be familiar with work that is relevant to their own role. Where tasks can be assumed to be within the competence of the individuals performing the role, detailed procedures have been omitted.

Staff should seek assistance from their management if they are unsure of the best methodology to use or the procedure to be followed.

Availability of Other Documentation

Many documents are referenced in these procedures, e.g. in-house produced documents and checklists, SQL Server Books Online (BOL), as well as external material that is regarded as best practice. Individuals who need detailed information on how to perform a particular task or administrative procedure are expected to consult this information.

Server Hardware and Operating System

The configuration of the server hardware and operating system that will host SQL Server is outside the scope of FineBuild. It is assumed that the server hardware and operating system will have been configured so they are adequate to support the expected workload.

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