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FineBuild Parameter Syntax

This page describes the syntax and restrictions for SQL FineBuild parameters.

SQL SQL FineBuild is designed so that the minimum amount of information needs to be specified at run time in order to complete the SQL Server installation and configuration.

All information that is needed by SQL FineBuild is supplied by parameters. Many parameters have default values supplied from a configuration file and do not need to be specified at run time.

If a parameter is specified, it must be in the form:


SQL FineBuild is written using a mixture of Windows Batch commands, VB Script and Powershell. In order for parameters to work across all these environments, there are some restrictions on what values can be supplied.

The restrictions for parameter values are given below:

If a parameter is supplied more than once, the value given for the first occurrence will be used
If a value contains spaces, the whole value must be enclosed in quote marks: /parameter:"value with spaces"
If a value contains an Account Name, it must be specified using the domain\account syntax. The SQL Server install will fail if the alternative account@domain syntax is used.
If a value contains an Account Name, the domain name must be under 254 characters and the user account name must be under 20 characters. BOL states this restriction for the Report Services service account, but it also applies to other accounts.
Values must not contain any of the characters below:
 \ / : ; = , + ? “ ‘ [ ] < > | %

Colour coding of parameters is used in some syntax examples. The colours used are explained below:

Parameters shown in bold black or plain black are mandatory, and you must use the values shown
Parameters shown in bold italic purple are also mandatory, but you need to use the values required at your installation
Parameters shown in blue are recommended, and you need to use the values required for your installation
Parameters shown in italic green are optional, and you need to use the values required for your installation

Other rules affecting parameters:

If the line continuation character (^) is used, it must be the last character on the line
The parameter /IAcceptLicenceTerms is required for each FineBuild install. The use of this parameter means you accept the license conditions of FineBuild and the license conditions of all products installed by FineBuild. Prior to using FineBuild you are advised to review the license conditions of all products that will be installed, and if you do not agree with any license condition you should not install the relevant product.
It is recommended that the /Edition: is used with every install using SQL FineBuild

All installation activity must be performed while logged on using an account that is a member of the local Administrators group on the server on which SQL Server is being installed. The account must also be able to update the Windows registry using REGEDIT. When installing on Windows 2008 or above, FineBuild must be run using the Administrator context (i.e. Use Run as Administrator or turn User Access Control off).

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