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FineBuild Setup Parameters

This page lists all the parameters that control the setup of software by SQL FineBuild.

In most situations these parameters do not need to be changed from their default values.

These parameters can also be found in the Flags subnode of the BuildServer, BuildWorkstation, and BuildClient nodes in the FineBuild Configuration File.

Parameter Usage
/SetupABE: Install Access Based Enumeration
/SetupAnalytics: Setup Analytics R Services
/SetupAPCluster: Setup Active/Passive Cluster
/SetupBOL: Install SQL Books Online Update
/SetupBIDS: Install Business Intelligence Design Studio
/SetupBIDSHelper: Install BIDS Helper
/SetupBPA: Install SQL Best Practice Analyzer
/SetupBPE: Configure Buffer Pool Extension
/SetupCacheManager: Install SQL Cache Manager
/SetupCmd: Configure Command Window Options
/SetupCmdshell: Configure xp_cmdshell Proxy Account
/SetupCompliance: Setup Security Compliance
/SetupDB2OLE: Install OLE Provider for DB2
/SetupDBMail: Configure SQL Mail
/SetupDBAManagement: Configure DBA Database
/SetupDBOpts: Configure Database Properties
/SetupDCOM: Configure COM Security
/SetupDimensionSCD: Install SSIS Dimension Merge SCD
/SetupDisableSA: Configure SA Account
/SetupDistributor: Install Replication Distributor
/SetupDQ: Install Data Quality Services
/SetupDRUCtlr: Setup Distributed Replay
/SetupDRUClt: Setup Distributed Replay
/SetupDTCCluster: Setup MSDTC Cluster
/SetupDTCNetAccess: Setup MSDTC Network Access
/SetupDTSDesigner: Install DTS Designer
/SetupDTSBackup: Install DTS Backup 2000
/SetupFirewall: Setup Firewall Port Exceptions
/SetupGenMaint: Configure Generic Maintenance Processes
/SetupGovernor: Setup Resource Governor
/SetupIIS: Install IIS
/SetupIntViewer: Install SQL Internals Viewer
/SetupJavaDBC: Install Java DBC Driver
/SetupJRE: Install JRE Java Runtime Engine
/SetupKB925336: Install Windows 2003 KB925336
/SetupKB932232: Install Windows 2008 KB932232
/SetupKB933789: Install Windows 2003 KB933789
/SetupKB937444: Install Windows 2003 KB937444
/SetupKB954961: Install VS 2005 SP1 KB954961
/SetupKB956250: Install Windows 2008 KB956250
/SetupKB3090973: Install Windows 2012 R2 KB3090973
/SetupManagementDW: Configure Management Data Warehouse
/SetupMBCA: Install Baseline Configuration Analyzer
/SetupMDS: Install Master Data Services
/SetupMDXStudio: Install MDX Studio
/SetupMenus: Configure SQL Server Menu Items
/SetupMSI45: Install Windows Installer 4.5
/SetupMyDocs: Configure 'My Documents' location
/SetupNet3: Install .Net 3.5
/SetupNet4: Install .Net 4.0
/SetupNet4x: Install .Net 4.x
/SetupNetBind: Configure Network Bind Order
/SetupNetName: Configure Ethernet Adaptor Names
/SetupNetTrust: Configure Internet Preferences
/SetupNetwork: Configure SQL Network Protocols
/SetupNoDefrag: Setup No automatic Windows disk defragmentation
/SetupNoDriveIndex: Setup No Drive Indexing
/SetupNonSAAccounts: Configure DBA Non-Sysadmin Group
/SetupNoSSL3: Setup No SSL v3
/SetupNoTCPNetBios: Setup No TCP use of NetBIOS
/SetupNoTCPOffload: Disable TCP Offload
/SetupNoWinGlobal: Setup No Windows Global Access
/SetupOLAP: Configure Analysis Services Instance
/SetupOLAPAPI: Configure AS Management API
/SetupOldAccounts: Disable Install Login
/SetupParam: Configure SQL Startup Parameters
/SetupPBM: Configure Policy Based Management
/SetupPDFReader: Install PDF Reader
/SetupPerfDash: Install SQL Performance Dashboard
/SetupPlanExplorer: Install Plan Explorer
/SetupPlanExpAddin: Install Plan Explorer SSMS Addin
/SetupPolyBase: Configure Polybase Support
/SetupPolyBaseCluster: Configure Polybase Cluster
/SetupPowerCfg: Setup Power Configuration
/SetupProcExp: Install Process Explorer
/SetupProcMon: Install Process Monitor
/SetupRawReader: Install SSIS Raw File Reader
/SetupReportViewer: Install Report Viewer
/SetupRMLTools: Install RML Utilities
/SetupRptTaskPad: Install Taskpad View Report
/SetupRSAlias: Configure Reporting Services IIS Alias
/SetupRSAdmin: Configure Reporting Services Administration Accounts
/SetupSQLRSCluster: Setup SSRS Cluster
/SetupRSExec: Configure Reporting Services Unattended Execution Account
/SetupRSKeepAlive: Configure SSRS Keep Alive
/SetupRSLinkGen: Install Linked Report Generator
/SetupRSScripter: Install Reporting Services Scripter
/SetupSAAccounts: Configure Sysadmin Accounts
/SetupSemantics: Install Semantic Search
/SetupServices: Configure SQL Service Recovery
/SetupShares: Setup Drive Shares
/SetupSlipstream: Setup Slipstream Install Media
/SetupSP: Install SQL Service Pack
/SetupSPCU: Install SQL Cumulative Update
/SetupSPN: Setup Service Principal Names
/SetupSPCUSNAC: Install SNAC Update
/SetupSQLAgent: Configure SQL Agent Properties
/SetupSQLAS: Install Analysis Services
/SetupSQLBC: Install SQL 2005 Backward Compatibility
/SetupSQLCE: Install SQL Compact Edition 4.0
/SetupSQLDB: Install SQL Server Database Engine
/SetupSQLDBFS: Configure Filestream options
/SetupSQLDBFT: Configure Full-Text options
/SetupSQLDBRepl: Install SQL Server Replication Components
/SetupSQLInst: Configure SQL Instance Properties
/SetupSQLIS: Install Integration Services
/SetupSQLMail: Configure SQL Mail
/SetupSQLNexus: Install SQL Nexus
/SetupSQLNS: Install Notification Services
/SetupSQLRS: Install Reporting Services
/SetupSQLServer: Configure SQL Server Surface Area
/SetupSQLTools: Install SQL Server Tools
/SetupStdAccounts: Configure Standard Accounts
/SetupSSISCluster: Setup SSIS Cluster
/SetupSSISDB: Configure SSIS Catalog DB
/SetupSSDT: Install SSDT
/SetupSSMS: Configure SSMS Options
/SetupStreamInsight: Install StreamInsight
/SetupStretch: Configure Azure Stretch DB
/SetupSysDB: Configure msdb database
/SetupSysIndexes: Configure System Index Enhancements
/SetupSysManagement: Configure System DB Management
/SetupSystemViews: Install System Views Map
/SetupTempDB: Configure tempdb database
/SetupTempWin: Setup System Temp Folder
/SetupTLS12: Setup TLS 1.2
/SetupTrouble: Install Troubleshooting Guide
/SetupVS: Configure Visual Studio Options
/SetupVS2005SP1: Install Visual Studio 2005 SP1
/SetupVS2010SP1: Install Visual Studio 2010 SP1
/SetupWinAudit: Setup Windows Audit
/SetupWindows: Configure Windows Options
/SetupXEvents: Install Extended Events Manager
/SetupXMLNotepad: Install XML Notepad
/SetupZoomIt: Install ZoomIt

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