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FineBuild Setup Parameters

This page lists all the parameters that control the setup of software by SQL FineBuild.

The parameter names given here apply to SQL FineBuild v3.2.0 Final Beta. For older versions of SQL FineBuild please click through to see the actual parameter name to be used.

These parameters can also be found in the Flags subnode of the BuildServer, BuildWorkstation, and BuildClient nodes in the SQL FineBuild Config file.
Parameter Usage
SetupABE Install Access Based Enumeration
SetupBOL Install SQL Books Online Update
SetupBIDS Install Business Intelligence Design Studio
SetupBIDSHelper Install BIDS Helper
SetupBPA Install SQL Best Practice Analyzer
SetupBPE Configure Buffer pool Extension
SetupCacheManager Install SQL Cache Manager
SetupCmd Command Window Settings
SetupCmdshell Configure xp_cmdshell Proxy Account
SetupDB2OLE Install OLE Provider for DB2
SetupDBMail Configure SQL Mail
SetupDBAManagement Configure DBA Management processes
SetupDBOpts Configure Standard Database Properties
SetupDCOM Configure COM Security
SetupDimensionSCD Install SSIS Dimension Merge SCD
SetupDisableSA Configure SA Account
SetupDistributor Install Replication Distributor
SetupDQ Install Data Quality Services
SetupDRUCtlr Setup Distributed Replay
SetupDRUClt Setup Distributed Replay
SetupDTCCluster Setup MSDTC Cluster
SetupDTCNetAccess Setup MSDTC Network Access
SetupDTSDesigner Install DTS Designer
SetupDTSBackup Install DTS Backup 2000
SetupFirewall Setup Firewall Port Exceptions
SetupGenMaint Configure Generic Maintenance Processes
SetupIIS Install IIS
SetupIntViewer Install SQL Internals Viewer
SetupJavaDBC Install Java DBC Driver
SetupKB932232 Install Windows 2008 KB932232
SetupKB933789 Install Windows 2003 KB933789
SetupKB937444 Install Windows 2003 KB937444
SetupKB956250 Install Windows 2008 KB956250
SetupKB954961 Install SQL 2008 KB954961
SetupManagementDW Configure Management Data Warehouse
SetupMBCA Install Baseline Configuration Analyzer
SetupMDS Install Master Data Services
SetupMDXStudio Install MDX Studio
SetupMenus Configure SQL Server Menu Items
SetupMSI45 Install Windows Installer 4.5
SetupMyDocs Configure 'My Documents' location
SetupNet3 Install .Net 3.5
SetupNet4 Install .Net 4.0
SetupNet45 Install .Net 4.5
SetupNetTrust Configure Internet Preferences
SetupNetwork Configure SQL Network Protocols
SetupNoDriveIndex Disable Windows Drive Indexing
SetupNonSAAccounts Configure DBA Non-Sysadmin Group
SetupNoTCPOffload Disable TCP Offload
SetupOLAP Configure Analysis Services Instance
SetupOLAPAPI Configure AS Management API
SetupOldAccounts Disable Install Login
SetupParam Configure SQL Startup Parameters
SetupPBM Configure Policy Based Management
SetupPDFReader Install PDF Reader
SetupPerfDash Install SQL Performance Dashboard
SetupPlanExplorer Install Plan Explorer
SetupPlanExpAddin Install Plan Explorer SSMS Addin
SetupProcExp Install Process Explorer
SetupProcMon Install Process Monitor
SetupRawReader Install SSIS Raw File Reader
SetupReportViewer Install Report Viewer
SetupRMLTools Install RML Utilities
SetupRptTaskPad Install Taskpad View Report
SetupRSAdmin Configure Reporting Services Administration Accounts
SetupRSExec Configure Reporting Services Unattended Execution Account
SetupRSLinkGen Install Linked Report Generator
SetupRSScripter Install Reporting Services Scripter
SetupSAAccounts Configure Sysadmin Accounts
SetupSemantics Install Semantic Search
SetupServices Configure SQL Service Recovery
SetupShares Setup Network Shares
SetupSlipstream Setup Slipstream Install Media
SetupSP Install SQL Service Pack
SetupSPCU Install SQL Cumulative Update
SetupSPCUSNAC Install SNAC Update
SetupSQLAgent Configure SQL Agent Properties
SetupSQLAS Install Analysis Services
SetupSQLBC Install SQL 2005 Backward Compatibility
SetupSQLDB Install SQL Server Database Engine
SetupSQLDBFS Configure Filestream options
SetupSQLDBFT Configure Full-Text options
SetupSQLDBRepl Install SQL Server Replication Components
SetupSQLInst Configure SQL Instance Properties
SetupSQLIS Install Integration Services
SetupSQLMail Configure SQL Mail
SetupSQLNexus Install SQL Nexus
SetupSQLNS Install Notification Services
SetupSQLRS Install Reporting Services
SetupSQLServer Configure SQL Server Surface Area
SetupSQLTools Install SQL Server Tools
SetupStdAccounts Configure Standard Accounts
SetupSSISCluster Create SSIS cluster
SetupSSDT Install SSDT
SetupSSMS SSMS Configuration
SetupStreamInsight Install StreamInsight
SetupSysDB Configure msdb database
SetupSysIndexes Configure System Index Enhancements
SetupSysManagement Configure System Management routines
SetupSystemViews Install System Views Map
SetupTempDB Configure tempdb database
SetupTrouble Install Troubleshooting Guide
SetupVS Configure Visual Studio Preferences
SetupVS2005SP1 Install Visual Studio 2005 SP1
SetupVS2010SP1 Install Visual Studio 2010 SP1
SetupWindows Configure Windows Preferences
SetupXEvents Install Extended Events Manager
SetupXMLNotepad Install XML Notepad
SetupZoomit Install Zoomit

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