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FineBuild Standard Builds

FineBuild recognises that SQL Server builds typically fall into one of four categories, and presents these as the FineBuild Standard Builds. Each Build is pre-configured with the options most suitable for that build, but each option can be changed to meet site requirements.

FineBuild also has a concept of a Main Instance and Additional Instances. Most SQL Server components are installed only when running a Main Instance Server Build. If additional named instances are installed, only those components listed for an Additional Named Instance Server Build are installed. The default instance (MSSQLSERVER) is always treated as a Main Instance, but any instance name can be used for the main instance.

The SQL FineBuild Standard Builds are listed below:

Item Description
Main Instance Server Build Normal build for SQL Server database server machines. The components are installed on multiple disks, and all services needing access to the network are run using specified service accounts
Additional Named Instance Server Build Used if an additional SQL Server Named Instance is required on a database server that already has the main instance installed
Workstation Build Normal build for Development Workstations, where developers require the use of a local SQL Server instance during application development
Client Tools Only Build Normal build for DBA Administration machines and any machines that require client tools only

A number of advanced FineBuild Special Builds are also provided.

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