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Future Changes to FineBuild

The following items are planned for a future version of FineBuild. Items that are not backwards compatible with previous versions of FineBuild are shown on bold.

Not all of these items will be included in the next version of FineBuild:

Item Priority SQL2005 SQL 2008 SQL 2008 R2 SQL 2012
Do post cluster config for SSRS must
Support memory config for SSAS must
Support Availability Group configuration must N/A N/A N/A
Change Generic Maintenance to use Ola Hallengren's routines must
Add support for IP v6 Must
Change /Inst and /Config parameters to use /Setup syntax Want
Check enough disk space exists to perform Install operations want
Support Contained Database install want N/A N/A N/A
Develop script to fix ghost adaptor want
Check private cluster subnet not open to client traffic want
Get PBM alerts to look at last 24 hours only want
Create 7am Diff Backups for Simple DBs want
Develop Windows Service Rights script via SC want
Develop Windows Audit settings script via AUDITPOL want
Develop Windows Guest account disable script want
Enhance Com Rights script to work for W2003 want
For editions with no SQL Agent, get Generic Maint to build Scheduled Tasks want
Complete SSAS backup routine want
Install Samples databases want
Install Key Management tool want
Install SQL Compact Edition (SQLCE) want
Install DAX Editor want
Install Sean's SQL Audit component want
Configure Master Data Services want N/A N/A N/A
Configure Powershell remoting want
Configure Powershell Trusted Host want
Use low privilege account for MDW job execution want
Get Ad-Hoc backup installer working want
Replace MsgBox with HTA frame for Ad-Hoc backup UI want
Work out how to change My Documents location for W2008 & above want
Alert and Event forwarding want
Master Job server want
Update PBM for latest options want
Central PBM management want
Install PBM community tools want
Create parameter to configure Common Criteria security want
Provide Pre-Install report of what will be installed Want
Provide Post-Install report of what has been installed Want
Post-install scripts to prove functionality of installed software Want
Add parameter to check number of CPU Cores available Nice
Validate that requested Edition has been installed Nice
Validate that Cluster IP address is not on Private network Nice
Validate that Cluster Disks are actually clustered Nice
Validate that Cluster Names and IP Addresses not already in use Nice
Check that enough space exists to install SQL Server Nice
Change spDTSExportPackages and spDTSImportPackages to use DTS Backup 2000 Nice N/A
Purge job needed for DBMail log table Nice
Put SQLMS query into SQLCMD mode Nice
Change 'Archive suspect_pages' job to also email a report if any suspect pages found Nice
Ensure all SPs included in FineBuild are written to best practice design Nice
Add configuration for Report Server instance. (e.g. connect to remote catalogue DB, etc) Nice
Add DTLoggedExec to tools Nice
Add PAL to tools Nice
Advice about Disk Alignment Nice

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