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Install SQL 2005 Client Tools Build

Automated installation of SQL Server 2005 for a server is performed by Process Id 2BB.

The FineBuild Client Tools build includes the following components:
  • SQL Server Tools

Manual SQL 2005 Client Tools Install

The following steps show what you would have to do to install SQL Server 2005 Client manually. FineBuild does all of this work for you automatically.

1) Start the SQL Server install. The following message is displayed:
Cannot resolve image macro, invalid image name or id.
2) The SQL 2005 Welcome window is displayed. Click Next to continue
3) The results of the System Configuration Check are displayed. It is expected that a warning message will be given for the IIS Feature Requirement. Click Next to continue.
  • If the install is being performed on a virtual guest machine, a warning will be given for Minimum Hardware Requirement, but this can be ignored.
Wait while the installer starts…
4) Enter the Registration Information. The 25 character Product Key should be held in the DBA Password Store. Click Next to continue.
5) Select the components to be installed. Normally, select SQL Workstation components, Books Online and development tools only. Click Advanced to continue.
6) The Feature Selection window is displayed. Select the following components to install the client tools. Click Next to continue.
Client Components
Documentation, Samples, and Sample Databases
7) Click Browse and set the Installation Path on all options to x:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server.
Note: If a /DrvProg parameter is not given, the Shared feature directory will also be on the system drive.
8) Expand the Documentation section and select Sample Code to be installed.
9) Specify the Error and Usage Report settings. All checkboxes should be clear. Click Next to continue
10) The install is now ready to start. Click Install to continue.
11) The components are not installed in top to bottom sequence. Wait until all components are installed and configured, this can take about 10 minutes.
12) Eventually the Setup will complete. Check that all components have a green tick to indicate a successful install, and then click Next to continue.
13) If desired, the Summary Log can be reviewed. Click Finish to exit the install.
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