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Install SQL Books Online Update

FineBuild can install the latest SQL Server Books Online (BOL) update as part of the SQL install process.
If you do not want to include SQL Books Online update in your FineBuild install, then do not download it.

SQL Books Online is written by Microsoft. It was chosen to be included in FineBuild so that the latest version of the SQL Server documentation is available to people using SQL Server.

The latest version of Books Online for each version of SQL Server is shown in the table below. Download the file that you need and put it in the Additional Components folder.

SQL Server Version Download Location
SQL 2014
SQL 2012
SQL 2008 R2 No update available
SQL 2008
SQL 2005

FineBuild SQL Books Online update

Automated installation of SQL Books Online is performed by Process Id 3C and is controlled by the parameters below:

Install Parameter Build SQL 2005 SQL 2008 SQL 2008 R2 SQL 2012
SetupBOL FULL Yes Yes Yes Yes
SetupSQLTools No No No No
SetupSQLTools Yes Yes Yes Yes
SetupBOL CLIENT Yes Yes Yes Yes
SetupSQLTools Yes Yes Yes Yes

Books Online update will be installed with CLIENT and WORKSTATION builds, but not with a FULL build.
If you want to install it with a FULL build, the following parameter should be added at run time:

The FineBuild SQL Books Online update includes the following items:
  • Install the latest version of SQL Books Online

Manual SQL Books Online update

The following steps show what you would have to do to install the SQL Books Online update manually. FineBuild does all of this work for you automatically.

The process for installing the SQL Books Online update depends on the version of SQL Server:

BOL Update for SQL 2012 and above

Use the process described below to update SQL Books Online for SQL 2012 above. There are two stages to this process:

Extract BOL files into Temporary Folder

1) Double-click on the BOL install file

SQL 2014 SQLServer2014Documentation_April2014_EN.exe
SQL 2012 SQLServer2012Documentation_December2012_EN.exe

SQL2012BOL Explorer.png
2) Specify the temporary folder for the BOL files extract, then click Unzip to continue.

SQL2012BOL Extract.png
3) Click Close to close the Extract window.
SQL2012BOL Extract Close.png
4) Click OK to end the Extract process.
SQL2012BOL Extract Complete.png

Merge BOL files into Help Viewer collection

1) Open a Command window, and run the following command to merge the SQL Books Online files into the Help Viewer collection.

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Help Viewer\V1.0\HelpLibManager.exe" /product SQLSERVER /version 110 /locale en-us /silent /sourceMedia C:\Temp\BOL\SQLServer2012Documentation\helpcontentsetup.msha

2) The BOL temporary folder can now be deleted.

BOL Update for SQL 2008 and SQL 2005

Use the process described below to update SQL Books Online for SQL 2005 or SQL 2008

1) Double-click on the relevant BOL install file

SQL 2008 {"SQLServer2008_BOLOct2009.msi
SQL 2005 SqlServer2K5_BOL_Jan2009.msi

BOL Explorer.png
2) Confirm that the Books Online upgrade is required by clicking Yes.
BOL Confirm.png
3) On the Install Wizard Welcome screen click Next to continue.
BOL Welcome.png
4) Accept the License Agreement. Click Next to continue.
BOL License.png
5) Enter the Registration Information and click Next to continue.
BOL Register.png
6) Setup is ready to begin the installation. Click Install to begin the installation.
BOL Ready.png
7) Wait while the installation runs. This can take a few minutes…
BOL Progress.png
8) Setup has installed Microsoft SQL Server Books Online successfully. Click Finish to Exit.
BOL Complete.png
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