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Install SQL Cumulative Update

FineBuild can install the latest SQL Cumulative Update update as part of the SQL install process. If you do not want to include SQL Cumulative Update in your FineBuild install, then do not download it.

SQL Server Cumulative Update is written by Microsoft. It was chosen to be included in FineBuild so that the latest fixes supplied by Microsoft are available to people using SQL Server.

A Cumulative Update rolls up all fixes that have been released since the last service pack. A new CU pack is issued about every 2 months. Microsoft sometimes package the update to SQL Server Native Client (SNAC) in the cumulative update, and sometimes a separate update must be applied to update SNAC.

There should be a site standard about applying CU packs. It is recommended that the latest or latest but 1 CU pack is applied either annually or every 6 months. The standard must also allow for a specific hotfix or CU to be applied as required if it is needed to fix a specific issue.

FineBuild SQL Cumulative Update

Automated installation of SQL Cumulative Update is performed by Process Id 3BA and is controlled by the parameters below:

Install Parameter Build SQL2005 SQL2008 SQL2008R2 SQL2012 SQL2014
InstSPCU FULL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
InstSPCU CLIENT Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

FineBuild also uses the following parameters to help configure SQL Cumulative Update:
Prameter Default Value Description
SPLevel see text The Service Pack for the Cumulative Update
SPCULevel see text The Cumulative Update level to be applied

The SQL Cumulative Update must be placed in the same folder as the Service Pack (eg \Service Packs\SP1).

FineBuild needs to know the name of the Cumulative Update file. File names for the Cumulative Updates in the table below are coded within FineBuild. If you want to use a more recent Cumulative Update then you must supply the file name.
SQL Server Version SP Level CU Level Folder CU List
SQL2014 N/A N/A Service Packs\CTP1 N/A
SQL2012 SP1 CU5 Service Packs\SP1 KB2772858
SQL2012 RTM CU8 Service Packs\RTM KB2692828
SQL2008R2 SP2 CU7 Service Packs\SP2 KB2730301
SQL2008R2 SP1 CU14 Service Packs\SP1 KB2567616
SQL2008R2 RTM CU14 Service Packs\RTM KB981356
SQL2008 SP3 CU12 Service Packs\SP3 KB2629969
SQL2008 SP2 CU11 Service Packs\SP2 KB2402659
SQL2008 SP1 CU16 Service Packs\SP1 KB970365
SQL2008 RTM CU10 Service Packs\RTM KB956909
SQL2005 SP4 CU5 @ Service Packs\SP4 KB2485757
SQL2005 SP3 CU15 Service Packs\SP3 KB960598
SQL2005 SP2 CU17 Service Packs\SP2 KB937137
SQL2005 SP1 N/A Not supported by FineBuild N/A
SQL2005 RTM N/A Not supported by FineBuild N/A

@ Two Security Fixes for SQL Server 2005 have been released since normal support for this version finished.
KB2494123 is known within FineBuild as SQL 2005 SP4 CU4.
KB2716427 is known within FineBuild as SQL 2005 SP4 CU5, and contains the latest fixes for SQL 2005.

You can use a more recent Cumulative Update than is known to SQL FineBuild. You must supply an additional parameter that describes the file name to be used, and set the SPCULevel parameter to your new CU.
Parameter File Name
Model SPLevelArchitectureSPCULevel
32-bit example SP4X86CU5 SQLServer2005-KB4273051-x86-ENU.exe
64-bit example SP4X64CU5 SQLServer2005-KB4273051-x64-ENU.exe

The FineBuild SQL Cumulative Update includes the following items:
  • Stop SQL Server services
  • Install the latest SQL Cumulative Update
  • Setup Shortcut to Cumulative Update Log files
  • Post Fix Tasks required after the fix is installed

Manual SQL Cumulative Update

The following steps show what you would have to do to install the SQL Cumulative Update manually. FineBuild does all of this work for you automatically.

The latest Cumulative Update available at the time of writing is shown in the table above. It should be expected that a further CU pack will be release about every 2 months.

Each CU is intended to be cumulative, which means (for example) there should be no need to install CU3 before you install CU4. However, it is wise to search the internet to see if any depedencies have been reported.

Stop SQL-Related Services

1) Stop all services required by the SQL Server Cumulative Update install.
Right-click on My Computer and select Manage. Navigate to Services and stop all services with Start/Stop/Pause authority given in Setup Service Permissions in the FineBuild Reference Manual.

Install SQL Server Cumulative Update

1) Navigate to the SQL...\Service Packs\RTM folder, and double-click the required CU install file.
E.G. To install CU2 for 32-bit servers, use the following file:
2) Welcome to the SQL Server Cumulative Update Setup. Click Next to continue.
3) Accept the License Terms and click Next to continue.
4) Confirm the feature selection (all check boxes should be ticked). Click Next to continue.
5) Setup has enough information to apply the Cumulative Update. Click Patch to continue.
6) Wait while the Cumulative Update is being installed.
7) The update has completed. No errors should be shown. Click Next to continue.
8) The Cumulative update installation is complete. The log files may be viewed if desired. Click Close to exit.
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