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Known Issues with SQL FineBuild v3.3.0

  • If the /AdminPassword: parameter is given, then SQL FineBuild will log on automatically after a reboot is performed. It is strongly recommended that this parameter is always used with SQL FineBuild. The value of this parameter should be the password for the account being used to install SQL FineBuild.
  • If you are installing SQL2016, then it is recommended that you download the latest version of MaintenanceSolution as described in Configure Generic Maintenance Processes.
  • If you use a remote Management Server database FineBuild will fail at Process Id 5EDH. To work round this problem, rerun FineBuild and add the parameter /Restart:5EE
  • The Setup No SSL v3 processing does not disable SSL v3. To fix this problem, edit FineBuild1Preparation.vbs and search for the string SetupNoSSL3(). Look for the code that sets the value of Enabled and change the value set from 1 to 0.
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