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Known Issues

This page documents the limitations of the current release, v3.1.0

Windows 2012

Windows 2012 Cluster is not supported in this release of FineBuild.

Support for installing on Windows 2012 Cluster is introduced in FineBuild V3.2.0

FineBuild Bugs

There are two known bugs in this version of FineBuild.

You should apply the fixes below before using FineBuild to avoid these problems.

Named Instance Install

A Named Instance install causes the CheckSQLAgentReady process to loop. This problem was introduced shortly before FineBuild 3.1.0 was released and obviously escaped being tested.

The following fix should be applied to allow a Named Instance install to complete.

1) Edit FineBuild5ConfigureSQL.vbs using a text editor such as Notepad

2) Find the routine CheckSQLAgentReady()

3) Look for the line:
strRestartComplete = GetParam(colStrings, "SQLAgentStart", "SQLSERVERAGENT starting under Windows NT service control")
4) Insert the following line:
strRestartComplete = Replace(strRestartComplete, "SQLSERVERAGENT", strInstAgent)

Install Login processing

If the login used to run FineBuild is in mixed case, it will not be processed correctly in the routine DropInstallLogin

The following fix should be applied so that the processing is not case-sensitive.

1) Edit FineBuild6ConfigureUsers.vbs using a text editor such as Notepad

2) Find the routine Sub DropInstallLogin()

3) Change the line
Case Instr(strMembersDBA, strLogin) > 0
Case Instr(UCase(strMembersDBA), UCase(strLogin)) > 0
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