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Large Scale Deployment Using SQL FineBuild

One of the strengths of SQL FineBuild is the ability to deploy standardised builds of SQL Server to a large number of machines. This section describes how these deployments can be done.

When SQL Server is deployed on to a number of servers, the best practice is to identify a set of server roles. The servers that form a given role should all be built in the same way.

There are a number of ways to define server roles in FineBuild, but the recommended approach is to create a folder that contains the SQL FineBuild installation requirements for your site. The use of a separate folder means you can upgrade to a new SQL FineBuild version and often to a new SQL Server version without having to change your install files. See Site SQL Files Folder for details on preparing this folder.

Each organisation will have its own unique server roles, and the examples below show some roles that can be adapted as required. Each role file would contain the FineBuild parameters that define the role, so that all servers in a given role can be built with the same configuration.

In addition to the role file, a separate install file will normally be created for each SQL instance that is to be installed. As shown by the Developer Workstation Role, it is useful to be pragmatic about when separate files for each SQL instance are used, compared to running the role file directly.

Details of the parameters used in the Role Files are given in FineBuild Parameter Inventory.

Item Comment
Role Files
Site Level Default Values Parameter values that should be applied to all SQL FineBuild installs
Workhorse Server Role Standard server role for deployment on high-end hardware
Lightweight Server Role Standard server role for deployment on low-end hardware
Legacy Server Build Special server build for old version of SQL Server
Management Server Role The Master host role for Master/Target components
Developer Workstation Role Workstation role for deployment on desktop hardware
Administration Server Role Client role, for DBA Administration purposes
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