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Legacy Server Build

This page describes the Legacy Server Build SQL FineBuild deployment file.

The assumptions relating to this role are:
  • A specific version of SQL Server is required, due to the need to host a legacy application
  • All other requirements for this server are met by the Lightweight Server Role
  • Only one server is needed for this role
1) Create an install file in the Site SQL Files Folder for the required server similar to the example below. Call the file PDGB01SQLD0240.bat, for use with server PDGB01SQLD0240
REM Copyright FineBuild Team © 2017.  Distributed under Ms-Pl License
CALL “SQLLightweight.bat” %*                       ^
 /IAcceptLicenseTerms       /Server:PDGB01SQLD0231 ^
 /SAPWD:”UseAL0ngPa55phrase!”                      ^
 /SQLSVCAccount:”ROOT\ServGB_SQLDB_0001”           ^
  /SQLSVCPassword:”Argyt$6hsGGWMP894s4Gw2b73GS2o0” ^
 /AGTSVCACCOUNT:”ROOT\ServGB_SQLAG_0001”           ^
  /AGTSVCPASSWORD:”F6tbmd*nf!dfGFrcQnm84g4K7zwq2j” ^
 /ASSVCACCOUNT:”ROOT\ServGB_SQLAS_0001”            ^
  /ASSVCPASSWORD:”kE44bmutFGS579*bssJW84f=Rb6ehj”  ^
 /FTSVCACCOUNT:”ROOT\ServGB_SQLFT_0001”            ^
  /FTSVCPASSWORD:”w$Yhfb84nmkl5r*hsdFR7yNs2$ynd6”  ^
 /ISSVCACCOUNT:”ROOT\ServGB_SQLIS_0001”            ^

The install file contains the parameters unique to the server, such as the account names and server name. The SET %SQLVERSION% statement causes this server to be built with SQL Server 2008 R2 and not with the default version of SQL Server used elsewhere.

2) When the install file is run, it runs the role file to pick up the standard role parameters. The role file then runs the environment default values file which in turn invokes FineBuild with the combined set of parameters and installs SQL 2008 R2.

Copyright FineBuild Team © 2017. License and Acknowledgements
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