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License and Acknowledgements


FineBuild is is available from under the terms of the Ms-PL License. FineBuild is free for internal use by the organisation downloading FineBuild, including use in Production and for personal use. However, anything that can be described as commercial exploitation of FineBuild (e.g. selling FineBuild or FineBuild support services) requires separate licensing which can be obtained from the FineBuild author.

FineBuild is supplied on an “AS IS” basis without warranty of any kind either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement.

Even though there is no charge for using FineBuild, please donate whatever FineBuild is worth to you as all money goes direct to charity. Tearfund is one of the UK's leading relief and development charities. Click here to donate. Donations to charity are tax deductable in many countries and count towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets. Authors of some of the Community Components also have donation links, so if you use their product then please pay what it is worth to you.

FineBuild requires you to explicitly accept the License Terms of all products installed by FineBuild every time that FineBuild is used. Prior to using FineBuild you are advised to review the license conditions of all products that will be installed, and if you do not agree with any license condition you should not install the relevant product.

No Official Alternatives

SQL FineBuild is moving to GitHub All future versions of SQL FineBuild will be shown only on GitHub. The only official download sites for SQL FineBuild are CodePlex for v3.3.0 and GitHub for all future versions. There are no other official alternative download sites for FineBuild.

A number of sites have decided to re-distribute FineBuild, but these often advertise old versions of FineBuild and their integrity is unknown.

There are also sites offering to supply a FineBuild Uninstall, but there is no need for such software. All of the messages I have seen that purport to come from FineBuild are bogus and the integrity of the software is unknown.


The recommendations given in this document are based in postings in Newsgroups, ideas learned in seminars, and the author’s experience, so a general thank you is given to the SQL Server community at large. The FineBuild process includes various components and scripts whose authors need to be individually thanked:

Name Description
Martin Cairney Very helpful review of the original FineBuild release
Bart Duncan et al SQL Nexus
Blake Pell SQL Server Cache Manager
Danny Gould SQL Internals Viewer
Darren Gosbell et al BIDS Helper
Darren Green DTS Backup 2000
Ola Hallengren Permission to use Ola's Database Maintenance routines
Ian Hart Very helpful review of the original CLS Build
Jasper Smith, Simon Sabin Taskpad View Report
Jasper Smith Report Services Scripter, Linked Report Generator
Jonathan Kehayias et al SQL Server Extended Events Manager
Krzysztof Kowalczyk Sumatra PDF Reader
Mosha Pasumansky MDX Studio
Nigel Rivett Scripts for exporting and importing DTS Packages, Jobs, etc are based on his work
Simon Sabin SSIS Raw File Reader component
Todd McDermid et al SSIS Dimension Merge SCD

FineBuild is based on work performed by the author at CLS Services Ltd The author thanks CLS Services Ltd for their permission to re-write the CLS document and scripts as the FineBuild process.

Copyright FineBuild Team © 2011 - 2017.
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