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Management Server Role

This page describes the Management Server Role SQL FineBuild deployment file. A Management Server has a special meaning within SQL FineBuild.

Various SQL Server components are designed to operate in a Master/Target configuration. If you define a given server as a Management Server, FineBuild will automatically configure that server as a Master server, and will configure all other servers as Target servers.

The list of components the will be configured by FineBuild is shown below
  • Master Data Services
  • Data Quality Services
  • Distributed Replay Services
  • Management Data Warehouse
SQL Agent Master/Target job management is not included in this release of FineBuild. It is expected that future versions of FineBuild will configure job management and other components.

If you want to use the Management Server facility of SQL FineBuild, then add a /ManagementServer: parameter to the Site Level Default Values file. This will do the things listed below. If you do not wish to use this feature of FineBuild, then do not use the /ManagementServer: parameter in any of your FineBuild installs.
  • Automatically add the Management Server components to the build of the nominated Management Server
  • Prevent the Management Server components from being installed on any other server
A dedicated Role file can be created for the Management Server, but because SQL FineBuild in effect has this role built into it then a dedicated role file is often not needed.

An install file for the server that will host the Management Server components is needed:

1) Create an install file in the Site SQL Files Folder for each Management Server similar to the example below.

Call the file PDGB01SQLS0010.bat, for use with server PDGB01SQLS0010. Use an appropriate Role file to define the characteristics of the server.
REM Copyright FineBuild Team © 2010 - 2016.  Distributed under Ms-Pl License
CALL “SQLLightweight.bat” %*                       ^
 /IAcceptLicenseTerms       /Edition:Enterprise    ^
 /Server:PDGB01SQLS0010                            ^
 /SAPWD:”UseAL0ngPa55phrase!”                      ^
 /SQLSVCAccount:”ROOT\ServGB_SQLDB_0001”           ^
  /SQLSVCPassword:”Argyt$6hsGGWMP894s4Gw2b73GS2o0” ^
 /AGTSVCACCOUNT:”ROOT\ServGB_SQLAG_0001”           ^
  /AGTSVCPASSWORD:”F6tbmd*nf!dfGFrcQnm84g4K7zwq2j” ^
 /ASSVCACCOUNT:”ROOT\ServGB_SQLAS_0001”            ^
  /ASSVCPASSWORD:”kE44bmutFGS579*bssJW84f=Rb6ehj”  ^
 /FTSVCACCOUNT:”ROOT\ServGB_SQLFT_0001”            ^
  /FTSVCPASSWORD:”w$Yhfb84nmkl5r*hsdFR7yNs2$ynd6”  ^
 /ISSVCACCOUNT:”ROOT\ServGB_SQLIS_0001”            ^

When the install of server PDGB01SQLS0010 is run, FineBuild will detect it has been nominated as the Management Server. No extra parameters are required to install these services.

2) When the PDGB01SQLS0010 file is run, it runs the environment default values file which in turn invokes FineBuild with the combined set of parameters.

Copyright FineBuild Team © 2014 - 2017. License and Acknowledgements
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