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Pre-Requisites Reboot

FineBuild can automatically reboot the server if this is required as part of the SQL Server install process.

The Microsoft SQL Server install process requires that no Pending Reboot situation exists. A Pending Reboot is most often caused when an install process detects that some files it needs to update are in use, or when a new feature is installed that requires a reboot before it can be used.

Although many SQL Server installs can be completed without the need to perform a reboot, it is possible that a server may require to be rebooted up to 3 times before the SQL Server install can be run.

FineBuild Pre-Requisites Reboot

SQL FineBuild will detect if a Pending Reboot situation exists. If a Pending Reboot is found, then SQL FineBuild will automatically reboot the server.

If the server is rebooted, when the person running the install logs on with the same credentials used when originally starting SQL FineBuild, then SQL FineBuild will automatically continue with the next process that needs to be run.

Some of the software that is installed during Install SQL Pre Install Tasks also requires that no Pending Reboot situation exists. SQL FineBuild will also check before these items of software are installed, and will automatically perform a server reboot if it is required.

The Pre-Requisites Reboot processing relates to Process Id 2AH, 2AO or 2AX. It will always be performed automatically if it is required.

Manual Pre-Requisites Reboot

The following steps show what you would have to do to perform a reboot manually. FineBuild does all of this work for you automatically.

It can be difficult to manually detect if a Pending Reboot situation exists. There are multiple places within the Windows Registry where a Pending Reboot situation can be flagged and it is faster to reboot the server than manually check for all possible conditions.

The two main choices are:
1) Always reboot the server before starting the SQL Server install
2) Rely on the SQL Server install Pending Reboot detecting if a reboot is required.

If a reboot is to be performed, this can be done by using the following command:

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