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SQL 2012 Media Preparation

Before FineBuild can be used, the install media must be prepared. This section explains what needs to be done.


The install media preparation includes downloading the items below. Ensure you comply with your site standards regarding downloading, virus checking and licensing of this software.

Mandatory Items SQL Server Install Media
Mandatory Hotfixes and other media
Optional Items Microsoft and Community Components
Optional SQL Service Packs and Cumulative Updates
Optional Upgrades to SQL Install Media

The install media for SQL Server 2012 supplied by Microsoft is is normally downloaded from the internet or supplied on a single DVD. Each edition of SQL Server 2012 (e.g. Standard Edition, BI Edition) has its own set of install media.

When the preparation is complete, the install media will contain the folders shown below, but you can also use SQL Media Alternative Folder Names.

Folder Description
Additional Components Additional Microsoft and community components used in this build. The same Additional Components folder can be used by all version of FineBuild.
FineBuild Install scripts. These scripts are described in the FineBuild Reference manual
Service Packs Service Pack and Hotfix install media
SQLMedia SQL Server install media from Microsoft

SQL 2012 Media Folders.png

Install Media Preparation Example

The procedure for preparing the install media for Standard Edition is described below. The same process can be used to prepare the install media for all other SQL Server Editions except for Express Edition.

The download locations given below were correct as of 23 May 2012, but they may change if new versions of these components are released or non-English versions are downloaded. The file names given in the SQL2012Config.xml configuration file for these components should be updated if the file name of a component has changed. Products that have national language support for at least one non-English language are shown by a NLS value of Y.

Mandatory Items

The following items must be completed before FineBuild can be used.

SQL Server Install Media

This section prepares the SQL install media for use by FineBuild.

1) Create a folder called SQL2012-Std

2) Create a sub-folder of SQL2012-Std called SQLMedia

3) Copy into SQLMedia the contents of install media DVD for SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition

4) Create a sub-folder of Additional Components called Redist

5) If you are installing on Windows Vista, Windows 2008 or Windows 8, you must also install the following components:

Component Download Location NLS
.Net 3.5 See Install .Net 3.5 Y
Windows Installer 4.5 See Install Windows Installer 4.5 N
Powershell V2 See Install Powershell V2 N

Hotfixes and other media

1) Create a sub-folder of SQL2012-Std called Additional Components
  • The same Additional Components folder can be used for all versions of FineBuild
2) Create a sub-folder of Additional Components called Redist

3) Create a sub-folder of SQL2012-Std called Service Packs

4) Copy the FineBuild folder into the SQL2012-Std folder

5) It is recommended that the version of NTRIGHTS.EXE and REG.EXE supplied with FineBuild are replaced by versions from a trusted source.

Obtain a copy of Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools, and copy the following files into the FineBuild\Build Scripts folder, overwriting the version already in the folder. The Windows 2003 version is also used for Windows 2008 and above.
6) If you are planning to install SQL 2012 on Windows 2008 R2, then you must install Service Pack 1 for Windows 2008 R2 before you run FineBuild.

Optional Items

The following items are optional. If you do not want a given component then do not download it.

Microsoft and Community Components

FineBuild can optionally include various Microsoft and Community components in the SQL install process.

1) Download the following Microsoft and Community components into the Additional Components folder. If you do not want a given component then do not download it.

It is suggested that where any of the Community components are used, a donation is made to the author of the component

Component Download Location NLS
BOL Local Install See Install SQL Books Online Update Y
BIDS Helper See Install BIDS Helper N
Java DBC Driver See Install Java DBC Driver Y
MDX Studio See Install MDX Studio N
OLE Provider for DB2 See Install OLE Provider for DB2 N
Performance Dashboard See Install SQL Performance Dashboard N
Report Viewer Component See Install Report Viewer N
RS Linked Report Generator See Install Linked Report Generator N
RS Scripter See Install Reporting Services Scripter N
SQL Internals Viewer See Install SQL Internals Viewer N
SQL Nexus See Install SQL Nexus N
SQL Server Best Practice Analyzer See Install SQL Best Practice Analyzer N
SSIS Dimension Merge SCD See Install SSIS Dimension Merge SCD N
Sumatra PDF viewer See Install PDF Reader Y
Taskpad View custom report See Install Taskpad View Report N
Windows Access Based Enumeration See Install Access Based Enumeration N
Windows Process Explorer See Install Process Explorer N
Windows Process Monitor See Install Process Monitor N
XML Notepad 2007 See Install XML Notepad N

SQL Service Packs and Cumulative Updates

FineBuild can optionally include SQL Server Service Packs and Cumulative Updates in the SQL install process.

1) Download the required Service Pack for SQL Server 2012

The Service Pack must be placed in a sub-folder of the \Service Packs folder, as shown in the table below. All Service Packs are cumulative, so if you want to install Service Pack 3 you do not need to also install the previous Service Packs.

Component Sub Folder Download Location NLS
SQL 2012 SP1 SP1 Y

2) Download the required Cumulative Update for the Service Pack

The Cumulative Update must be placed in the same folder as the Service Pack (eg \Service Packs\SP1). All Cumulative Updates for a Service Pack are cumulative, so if you install Cumulative Update 5 you do not need to also install the previous Cumulative Updates.

The SQL2012Config.xml configuration file holds details of Cumulative Updates up to RTM CU1 for FineBuild v3.1.0. The SQL2012Config.xml configuration file holds details of Cumulative Updates up to SP1 CU1 for FineBuild v3.2.0. If additional Cumulative Updates have been downloaded, update the configuration file accordingly.

The table below gives the KB Article to find the list of Cumulative Updates for your Service Pack.

Service Pack Cumulative Update List
SP1 KB2772858
RTM KB2692828

Upgrades to SQL Install Media

FineBuild can optionally upgrade various components supplied in the SQL install media to more recent versions. If you want to take advantage of this, then download the components listed below.

1) There are no upgrades to the SQL Install media available at present.

2) The SQL2012-Std folder is now ready for use.

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