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SQL Configuration Problems

This page gives details on how to troubleshoot problems that may occurr during configuration of SQL Server after the main install has completed.

Report Services Configuration

Reporting services can sometimes take a long time before it will accept the web service requests used to configure the Reporting Services Administration Accounts in Process Id 5CFA.

If FineBuild fails at this point, add a /restart:auto parameter and restart FineBuild.

SQL System Database Configuration

This relates to Process 5D, where FineBuild moves msdb and tempdb to new locations. The process of moving database files is supported by Microsoft, and first step in any troubleshooting should be to look at the section Moving System Databases in Books Online (BOL)

Database Container shows no Databases

If this occurs when SQL Server is started with the T3608 flag set, it may be due to a database file not being moved to its correct location.

Check that all files are in their correct location, and then try restarting SQL Server without the T3608 flag. If this cures the problem, restart SQL Server with the T3608 flag, then add a /restart:auto parameter and restart FineBuild.

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