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SQL FineBuild needs a new Owner

From the end of 2014 I will no longer be able to support SQL FineBuild.

From the start of 2015 I will not be able to license the software used in the Test Lab that is needed to support SQL FineBuild. The reasons for this are:
  • I have relied on TechNet to provide the Test Lab needed to support SQL FineBuild. When my current subscription ends it cannot be renewed because the TechNet program is closing.
  • At the end of 2014 I plan to retire. The MSDN subscription provided by my employer will cease on that date, and buying a personal MSDN subscription is more than I am willing to spend.

If you are interested in becoming the new owner of SQL FineBuild please contact me.

Benefits of owning SQL FineBuild

Owning and supporting SQL FineBuild brings both a deeper understanding of SQL Server and its components, and industry recognition. You will also have control over how SQL FineBuild is marketed, including where donations are sent to or other commercialisation.

If you do support SQL FineBuild, you will become one of the world's very few experts on what is needed to install and run SQL Server components on all of the platforms it can be run on. A number of Connect bugs have been raised over the years on SQL Server CTPs as a result of testing new SQL Server versions with SQL FineBuild. If you are seeking MVP status (something I have never done) then this could be an important part of your skill set.

The FineBuild Wiki provides a hub of knowledge about installing and configuring SQL Server that does not exist in any other single place. It is gaining a growing recognition as a centre of knowledge for all aspects of installing SQL Server.

In order to support SQL FineBuild you will need access to a Test Lab. My current lab has the following hardware which cost under GBP £1,100 in 2012. Either a large SSD or multiple disks are needed to allow multiple tests to run at the same time. I currently boot to Windows 2008 R2, which runs the Domain Controller and Hyper-V. All testing is done using Hyper-V guest machines.

Processor: 8-core AMD FX-8120 3.1GHz
Memory: 32GB
Storage: 512GB SSD, 1TB disk

SQL FineBuild is written using a mixture of Windows batch commands, VBScript, and Powershell. You will need to understand or be willing to learn these techniques.

I am happy to assist the new owner of SQL FineBuild by giving whatever advice I can. I am also willing to complete the migration of the FineBuild Reference Manual to the FineBuild Wiki.

If you want to take on ownership of SQL FineBuild please contact me.

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