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SQL Server Memory Startup Switches

This section describes the SQL Server Startup switches that affect SQL Server memory management.

This section covers the following items:
g Switch
T845 Switch
Recommendations for SQL Server Startup Switches

A number of other SQL Server Startup Switches exist that are not relevant for SQL Server memory management.

g Switch

This switch controls the amount of memory that is bypassed by SQL Server at the bottom of the Windows memory range. The g Switch is only useful in 32-bit systems.

The g Switch is normally only needed when SQL Server ues more than 12GB memory on a 32-bit system. It is not needed on a 64-bit system.

SQL Server Books Online has a good descripton of when the g Switch may be of use.

SQL FineBuild does not automatically set the g Switch, but it may be included in a FineBuild install by adding the following parameter:


T845 Switch

This switch allows SQL Server Standard Edition to make use of the Windows Lock Pages in Memory right. See Windows Memory Rights for more details.

SQL FineBuild will automatically apply the T845 Switch when installing SQL Server.

Recommendations for SQL Server Startup Switches

The recommended settings for the Operating System Switches described on this page are given below:

The g Switch should only be used in the situations described in Books Online
The T845 Switch should always be present when using Standard Edition
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