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SSIS Cluster Guidelines

This section gives guidelines about when it is safe to use a SSIS Cluster.

The Microsoft SQL Server install process does not include clustering of SSIS, but it is possible to do this using FineBuild. There are advantages and disadvantages to configuring SSIS as a cluster, and you need to make the right choice for your installation.

If you do decide that you want to Setup SSIS Cluster, then FineBuild can do this for you.

1) Single SQL Server cluster
  • If you will only ever have a single instance of SQL Server on the cluster, then it can be helpful to have SSIS clustered.
  • In this situation there will be a single SSIS package store that gets failed over whenever SQL Server is failed over. This can simplify the maintenance of SSIS packages as updates to packages only have to be deployed once.
  • Details for creating a SSIS cluster manually can be found at
2) Multiple SQL Server clusters
  • If you have multiple instances of SQL Server on a cluster node, or if you install multiple SQL Server clusters on the same Windows cluster, then SSIS must not be configured as a cluster. This is because SSIS needs to be available to all active SQL instances on the Windows cluster.
  • In this situation each node of the cluster has its own SSIS package store, and updates to SSIS packages must be deployed to all nodes on the cluster.
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