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Setup Drive Labels

FineBuild can set up the volume labels of drives needed for SQL Server.

FineBuild sets up drive labels to make it easier for the DBA to see what type of data is intended to be stored on each drive. The names used for the drive labels are also used to Setup Drive Shares and to setup cluster storage volume names.

FineBuild Drive Labels Processing

Processing of Drive Labels relates to Process Id 1FA in the FineBuild1Preparation script, and is always performed automatically.

FineBuild uses the following parameters to help configure Drive Labels:

Drive Param Default Label Param Default Usage
/VolSys: System Drive LabSys System Will always be the Windows System Drive
/VolDTC: (none) LabDTC MSDTC DTC Cluster files (Only relevant for cluster install)
/VolProg: DrvSys LabProg Programs SQL Server program files
/VolBackup: DrvProg LabBackup Backup Database backup files
/VolBackupAS DrvBackup LabBackupAS AS Backup SQL AS database backup files
/VolBPE: DrvProg LabBPE BPE SQL Bufferpool Extension File
/VolData: DrvProg LabData SQL Data SQL DB database data (MDF) files
/VolDataAS: DrvData LabDataAS AS Data SQL AS database data files
/VolDataFS: DrvData LabDataFS FS Data SQL Server Filestream files
/VolDataFT: DrvData LabDataFT FT Data SQL Server Full Text files
/VolSysDB: DrvData LabSysDB SQL SysDB System DB Files
/VolLog: DrvData LabLog SQL Log SQL DB database log (LDF) files
/VolLogAS: DrvLog LabLogAS AS Log SQL AS database log files
/VolLogTemp: DrvLog LabLogTemp Temp Log SQL tempdb log files
/VolTemp: DrvData LabLog SQL Temp SQL tempdb data files
/VolTempAS: DrvTemp LabTempAS AS Temp AS temporary files
/VolTempWin: DrvProg LabTempWin Temp Windows \Temp folder
/VolDBA: DrvProg LabDBA DBA Misc DBA Miscellaneous files

In order to maintain compatibility with older versions of SQL FineBuild, /Drv... can be used in place of /Vol....

The values of the /Lab... parameters above will be given a suffix when required in order to uniquely identify them when compared to similar values.
  • If a list of drive letters is supplied for the /VolData: parameter, the label for each of these drives will be suffixed with the drive letter
  • If a Named Instance is installed, the label for each drive associated with the instance will be suffixed with the instance name
If a drive is supplied for more than one Drv... parameter, then the first label that is applied will be retained.

Examples of the labels used are given below:

Drv Parameter SQL Instance Drive Letter Drive Label
K: SQL DataK
/VolLogAS:F HR F: AS Log-HR
/VolDBA:D HR D: DBA Misc


Manual Setup Drive Labels Processing

The following steps show what you would have to do to setup Drive Labels manually. FineBuild does all of this work for you automatically.

Set up the following drive labels.

1) Right-click on each drive letter and select Properties

2) Set the volume label as shown in the table above. Click OK to save the new drive label.
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