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Setup Group Rights

FineBuild can set up the Windows Group Rights needed for SQL Server.

The Group Rights below must be assigned for the server where SQL Server is to be installed. The DBA rights are given so that DBA staff can do their work without the need to have Windows local Administrator access.

FineBuild Group Rights Processing

Processing of Group Rights relates to Process Id 1EB in the FineBuild1Preparation script, and is always performed automatically.

Manual Setup Group Rights Processing

The following steps show what you would have to do to setup Group Rights manually. FineBuild does all of this work for you automatically.

The Group Rights below should be granted to the specified groups:

Group Right Internal Name Assignment
Access this computer from the network SeNetworkLogonRight (local) Users
Allow log on locally SeInteractiveLogonRight (local) Administrators
(local) Users
(local) Remote Desktop Users
Allow log on through Terminal Services SeRemoteInteractiveLogonRight (local) Administrators
(local) Remote Desktop Users
Bypass traverse checking SeChangeNotifyPrivilege (local) Users
Perform volume maintenance tasks SeManageVolumePrivilege DBA Sysadmin Group
(local) Administrators
Profile single process SeProfileSingleProcessPrivilege DBA Sysadmin Group
DBA Non-Admin Group
(local) Administrators
Profile system performance SeSystemProfilePrivilege DBA Sysadmin Group
DBA Non-Admin Group
(local) Administrators
Shut down the system SeShutdownPrivilege DBA Sysadmin Group
(local) Administrators

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