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Setup User Rights

FineBuild can set up the Windows User Rights needed for SQL Server.

The User Rights below must be assigned for the server where SQL Server is to be installed. The DBA rights are given so that DBA staff can do their work without the need to have Windows local Administrator access. The Service Account rights are explained more fully at Service Account User Rights in the Reference Manual.

FineBuild User Rights Processing

Processing of User Rights relates to Process Id 1EC in the FineBuild1Preparation script, and is always performed automatically.

Manual Setup User Rights Processing

The following steps show what you would have to do to setup User Rights manually. FineBuild does all of this work for you automatically.

The User Rights below should be granted to the specified accounts:

User Right Internal Name Assignment
Act as part of the operating system SeTcbPrivilege SQL Service Accounts
Adjust memory quotas for a process SeIncreaseQuotaPrivilege LOCAL SERVICE
SQL Service Accounts
Create global objects SeCreateGlobalPrivilege SQL Service Accounts
Impersonate a client after authentication SeImpersonatePrivilege LOCAL SERVICE
SQL Service Accounts
Lock pages in memory SeLockMemoryPrivilege SQL Service Accounts
Log on as a batch job SeBatchLogonRight SQL Service Accounts
SQL Proxy accounts (see below)
Log on as a service SeServiceLogonRight NETWORK SERVICE
SQL Service Accounts
Perform volume maintenance tasks SeManageVolumePrivilege SQL Service Accounts
Replace a process level token SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilege LOCAL SERVICE
SQL Service Accounts

  • See SQL Server Proxy Accounts if any of these are required
  • See Service Account User Rights in the Reference Manual for more details about the Lock Pages in Memory privilege

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