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Site Level Default Values

This page describes the Site Level SQL FineBuild deployment file.

The assumptions relating to this role are:
  • A separate Defaults file will be created for each of the Production, Test, and Development environments
  • A DNS Vanity Name will be used to identify the Mail Server for the Database Mail configuration
  • A Management Server will be defined to host MDS, MDW, Distributed Replay Controller, etc.
1) Create a file in the Site SQL Files Folder similar to the example below. Call the file SQLProd.bat and use accounts and server names used by your organisation.
REM Copyright FineBuild Team © 2014 - 2016.  Distributed under Ms-Pl License
CALL "..\%SQLVERSION%\FineBuild\SQLFineBuild.bat" %*             ^
 /IAcceptLicenseTerms                                            ^
 /GroupDBA:”GBGGDBAS01”        /GroupDBANonSA:”GBGGDBAN01”       ^
 /MailServer:"Acme.Mail.Prod.fs"                                 ^
 /ManagementServer:”PDGB01SQLS0010”                              ^
 /MDWAccount:”ROOT\AppGB_SQLMDW_0001” /MDWPassword:”Q5vnf3h$ym*mnrHJdgLc”

The site defaults file enforces the use of the DBA Sysadmin and Non-sysadmin groups for all FineBuild SQL installations. It also identifies a specific server to be used to host the Master component of Master/Target facilities within SQL Server. All servers that are built using these parameters will by default install SQL Server 2016. If you want to use a different default version of SQL Server, then change the value of the SQLVERSION variable.

2) Create similar files called SQLTest.bat and SQLDev.bat for use with those environments.

Copyright FineBuild Team © 2014 - 2016. License and Acknowledgements
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