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SQL2012 FineBuild has FAILED with error -2068578304

May 10, 2016 at 9:48 PM
Hello I been attempting my first install using the finebuild code and am experiencing a error almost immediately after the SQL Server setup gets past the installation file copy phase generating error Error -2068578304. The only additional information I have in logs is that the error occured at Process Id at failure 2BAB.
No SQL Server boot strap files are created.
Need some help shedding light on what might be causing this.
Ed Clapper
May 24, 2016 at 10:27 AM
Sorry about the delay in responding. The Codeplex site is supposed to send me an alert whenever a discussion is opened, but this does not always happen.

I hope you have already worked through this issue. In FineBuild 3.2.1, a failure in 2BAB means the SQL Server install has failed. You will need to look in the SQL Install logs to find the cause. The SQL logs are normally in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\xxx\Setup Bootstrap\Log. xxx relates to the version of SQL you are installing: SQL2005=90, SQL2008/SQL2008R2=100, SQL2012=110, SQL2014=120, SQL2016=130.

The page gives you some advice on how to troubleshoot SQL installation problems. The most common cause of a SQL install failure is that pre-requisite software has not been installed. SQL FineBuild will install this for you if you have put it where FineBuild can find it. Go to then click on the page for the SQL version you are installing, this will tell you what extra software is required, where you can find/download it, and where it needs to be put so the FineBuild can use it.
May 26, 2016 at 2:05 PM
Thank you so much for responding.
It is a nice surprise to hear from you.

I appreciate your suggestions.
We are working with SQL Server 2012 EE. We plan to standardize on this installation process for SQL 2016 if we can get past outstanding issues.
Initially I was unable to work through the issue for the following reasons:
First no bootstap logs are generated as I do not think it gets far enough into the install process.
I thought that the prereqs might not be in place so I checked this with performing a manual interactive install using the code I placed in the SQL media directory.
The install works perfectly utilizing that approach so I do not think it is the base SQL Server installation that is the problem.
When I check for installed code in the add remove programs section of Windows, all that is installed in the setup files.
During the installation process the first few screens of installation flash by up to the section where it is searching for updates then it just throws the error.
This occurred on a server that previously experienced a SQL Server installation and subsequent uninstall.
I then obtained a new server image and ran the test install against this platform.
This time bootstrap logs were generated and I was able to troubleshoot the installation issue.
I am now working on customizing the installation for our site.
I have one request. The documentation on Codeplex continually references an owner’s manual or guide in the wiki. I have looked through the documentation sections and the download sections and am unable to locate the is documentation. Would you please direct me to a location where I can obtain this documentation. I am very interested to read to see if your software determines the appropriate number of TempDB files to install based upon the receiving server’s total available core capacity.
Thank you for your kind assistance, look forward to hearing from you.
Ed Clapper
May 27, 2016 at 10:45 AM
Hi Ed,

There are some references in the Wiki to the Reference Manual, which is available at the FineBuild download page. Eventually everything in the Reference Manual will be transferred to the online Wiki, but there are still 60 pages of Reference Manual about things that have not yet been transferred. The other document reference is the QuickStart guide, which is included with each version of SQL FineBuild that you download.

If you are looking at how FineBuild can be customised to build SQL for the various server roles you have at your site, there is some (hopefully) useful advice at