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Additional Named Instance Server Build

This would be the build used if an additional SQL Server Named Instance is required on a database server that already has the main instance installed.

This build will contain the following components:

  • SQL Server database engine, using the specified instance name
  • Service Pack and/or Cumulative Update

The SQLFineInstance File

The SQLFineInstance.bat file should be used to add an extra SQL Server instance to a server that already hosts a main instance of SQL Server. This file is not intended for use with Express Edition.

The drive letters used as examples in the rest of this document relate to those used in the example below.


1) Prepare the SQL FineBuild install media as described in SQL Media Preparation.

2) Complete all the non-automated processes described in Install Preparation. The automated portions of Install Preparation will be performed by the SQLFineInstance script.

3) Take a copy of the SQLFineInstance.bat file and change the account names and passwords as required for your site. The main options for this file are described below.

4) Run the FineBuild install by using your copy of SQLFineInstance.bat.

Syntax and Options

See FineBuild Parameter Syntax for details of the colours used in the code example and other syntax details.

REM Copyright © 2008 - 2014 Edward Vassie. Distributed under Ms-Pl License 
CALL "SqlFineBuild.bat" %*     /Type:Full /IAcceptLicenseTerms           ^
 /SAPWD:"UseAL0ngPa55phrase!"  ^
 /GroupDBA:”GBGGDBAS01” /GroupDBANonSA:”GBGGDBAN01”                      ^
 /Instance:HR /TCPPort:8950    ^
 /DrvProg:C                    ^
 /DrvBackup:I /DrvData:JF /DrvDataFT:F /DrvLog:KG /DrvTemp:T             ^
 /SQLSVCAccount:"ROOT\ServGB_SQLDB_0002"                                 ^
 /SQLSVCPassword:"Kedtt47$jt!rw96vbhH=#tdDrfd4lz"                        ^
 /AGTSVCACCOUNT:"ROOT\ServGB_SQLAG_0002"                                 ^
   /AGTSVCPASSWORD:"Pff04cnedO#fed$drFExik31da*fgo"                      ^
 /FTSVCACCOUNT:"ROOT\ServGB_SQLFT_0002"                                  ^
   /FTSVCPASSWORD:"Nyv35$fvsqtvHYw3Seg*$Dpklqr2g9"                       ^
 /SetupCmdShell:Yes          ^
 /CmdshellAccount:”ROOT\AppGB_SQLCS_0001”                                ^

A TCP Port number must be specified for a named instance . The value to use is normally obtained from your Support Centre. Many port numbers are assigned to specific programs by international agreement, and these port numbers should not be used. See for a list of ports to avoid.

If the values for the various accounts and passwords given in blue are not given, they will default to the values provided for the SQL Server service account (apart from the /FTSVCACCOUNT: value which defaults to the local NETWORK SERVICE account).

All passwords should comply with site standards for complexity, and it is recommended that service account passwords are at least 30 characters long. All passwords should be stored in the DBA Password Store.

Residual Interactive Tasks

The following tasks must be completed manually after the completion of the FineBuild process.

1) Preparatory Tasks

  • a) Complete the Preparatory Tasks starting with Setup Service Permissions and then all remaining tasks up to Final Preparation as described in the FineBuild Reference Manual.

2) Configuration Tasks

Copyright © 2013 - 2014 Edward Vassie. License and Acknowledgements

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