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Best Practice Guidelines

The concept of Best Practice is not unique to SQL Server, but is used in all aspects of business. Best Practice is not optional. It describes what should be done unless there is a very good reason for not doing it.

The objective of Best Practice is to provide a function to the business in the most effective and efficient manner, to allow the strategic objectives of the business to be achieved. Compliance with Best Practice equates to good governance, regardless of if the type of business is commercial, non-profit, or civil administration.

If there are situations where a specific aspect of general Best Practice is not appropriate to the business situation, this change should be documented, along with the reasons why the change is necessary. This then becomes part of the business Best Practice.

Failure to comply with business Best Practice will always be seen as a governance risk. If a problem occurs and Best Practice has not been followed, the compliance failure will be seen as part of the problem, even if the root cause lies elsewhere.

The processes that form Best Practice are not static. The existance of a Best Practice will enable the search for improvements to continue at a deeper level. Compliance with Best Practice requires a program of continuous improvement.

The concept of continuous improvement is reflected in the changes that have been made to SQL FineBuild since it was launched in 2008. The default SQL Server installation has become more sophisticated with each version of SQL FineBuild, as it seeks to implement Best Practice in all of the work that it does. However, it is then up to each organisation that uses SQL FineBuild to continue with Best Practice in its day to day operation of SQL Server.

Certain aspects of Best Practice form the 'DNA' of what SQL FineBuild does. These include:
Secure by default, but with the ability to de-commit where required
Separation of duties to allow role-based administration
Use of minimum priviledge to perform a given task
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