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Configure Management Data Warehouse

SQL FineBuild can configure the Management Data Warehouse.

The management data warehouse (MDW) holds performance-related data about SQL Server. The MDW database can exist on each SQL Server instance, or a central MDW database can be configured. Data is added to the MDW using Data Collectors (see Data Collection in BOL). A series of Reports allows the performance data to be visualised.

FineBuild supports both a centralised and a distributed model for the MDW. For a central model, the ManagementServer parameter should be set to the location of the central MDW. For a central MDW server, the data collectors set up by FineBuild will use the central MDW, otherwise they will use the local MDW.

The Management Data Warehouse can be configured automatically by SQL FineBuild, or can be configured manually by using a Wizard. The process to configure the Management Data Warehouse consists of a number of steps:
Item Comment
Create MDW Database Create the Management Data Warehouse database
Configure MDW Data Collectors Configure collectors for MDW data
Set Data Collector Job Names Set descriptive names for Data Collector jobs
Setup MDW Job Proxy Setup Proxy for central MDW
Disable System Database Collection Disable collection of MDW data for System Databases as per KB2793580

SQL FineBuild Management Data Warehouse configuration

The Management Data Warehouse configuration relates to Process Id 5ED and is controlled by the parameters below:
Install Parameter Build SQL2005 SQL2008 SQL2008 R2 SQL2012 SQL2014 SQL2016
SetupManagementDW FULL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SetupManagementDW WORKSTATION Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SetupManagementDW CLIENT N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

In order to maintain compatibility with older versions of SQL FineBuild, the parameter ConfigManagementDW can also be used.

FineBuild also uses the following parameters to help configure the Management Data Warehouse:
Parameter Default Value Description
ManagementServer current server Location of MDW database
MDWAccount (none) Account name to connect to central MDW
MDWPassword (none) Password for MDWAccount
ManagementDW ManagementDW Name of MDW database

The /ManagementServer: parameter can specify a server name, a DNS Vanity Name, or an IP address, along with an optional instance name and optional port number.

The MDW database is created with an initial size of 100MB. This may need to be adjusted depending on the volume of data collected and the duration for which it is kept.

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