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Configure Policy Based Management

Policy Based Management allows the configuration of SQL Server to be controlled by policies that can be audited and enforced.

A set of best-practice policies is provided by Microsoft, and these have been modified to provide the additional facilities for FineBuild:
  • A clear naming standard to identify and separate Conditions, Restrictions, and Targets.
  • Most policies are installed as activated and scheduled for evaluation, rather than inactive.
  • Configuration of SQL Agent jobs to process the policies. The most sensitive policies are checked every 10 minutes, with the rest checked each midnight.
  • Additional configuration checks beyond those supplied by Microsoft.
  • Automatic purge of policy Evaluation History after 30 days.

FineBuild Policy Based Management configuration

The Generic Maintenance Processes configuration relates to Process Id 5EE and is controlled by the parameters below:
Install Parameter Build SQL2005 SQL2008 SQL2008 R2 SQL2012 SQL2014
SetupPBM FULL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SetupPBM WORKSTATION Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

In order to maintain compatibility with older versions of SQL FineBuild, the parameter ConfigPBM can also be used.

Manual System DB Management configuration

The following steps show what you would have to do for manual Configure System DB Management. FineBuild does all of this work for you automatically.

1) Extract all files from Build Scripts\FineBuildPBM.Cab into a temporary folder.

2) Run the FineBuildPBM script to install the PBM facets and policies. A single set of these routines is created for each SQL Server instance.

The following are installed:
  • 60 Condition facets
  • 13 Restriction facets
  • 16 Target facets
  • 58 Policies
  • Schedules and jobs to process the policies

The job names created when a PBM policy is scheduled include the Schedule GUID as part of the job name. The FineBuild installation process for PBM renames these jobs to include the Schedule name instead of the GUID, to make it easier for the DBA to understand what work is being done.

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