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FineBuild Configuration File

This page describes how the SQL FineBuild configuration file is used.

The Configuration File, also called the Config file, controls the FineBuild process. The SQL FineBuild configuration file contains the default values for many of the parameters used within SQL FineBuild. All Attributes that are found in the Config file can be specified as a Parameter, but SQL FineBuild is designed so that most parameter values do not need to be changed.

The name of this file is dependant on the version of SQL Server being installed. The best way to edit this file is to use an XML editor, such as XML Notepad.

SQL Version Config File Name
SQL 2014 SQL2014Config.xml
SQL 2012 SQL2012Config.xml
SQL 2008 R2 SQL2008R2Config.xml
SQL 2008 SQL2008Config.xml
SQL 2005 SQL2005Config.xml

The Config file is organised internally into five nodes, and each node has a number of keywords:

Node Description
Global Node Used in all of the Builds. Where a keyword has the same name as a Microsoft SQL Server install parameter, it fulfills the same function
Global Node Strings Subnode The Strings parameters contain values specific for each of the Builds. If a non-English version of SQL Server is installed, then the values for some of these keywords may need to be changed
BuildServer Node Controls the details of what is installed for a normal Server build
BuildWorkstation Node Controls the details of what is installed for a normal Workstation build
BuildClient Node Controls the details of what is installed for a normal Client build
Flags Subnodes Each of the BuildServer, BuildWorkstation, and BuildClient nodes have a Flags subnode that controls which components are installed and configured for the given build
Files Node Contains the file names of components that will be used in the Build process. If an update for any file is downloaded, the new file name should replace the existing file name

SQL FineBuild has a very flexible method of obtaining parameter data. For any given parameter, the following process is performed:

1) The Configuration xml file is searched for a keyword that matches the parameter name. If no keyword is found, the parameter will be set to a default value as specified by the script.

2) The input arguments of the script are checked for an argument that matches the parameter name. If one is found, this will replace any default value specified by the script.

The result of this is that if parameter is supplied at run time, the run time value will override the default value specified in the configuration file.

It is possible to edit the configuration file to set parameter values that are specific for your installation. However, it is recommended that you use the techniques described in Large Scale Deployment Using SQL FineBuild to set site-specific values.

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