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FineBuild Introduction

The main objective of FineBuild is to make it easy for anyone to produce a best-practice installation and configuration of SQL Server.

For experienced staff, FineBuild will simplify the automated deployment of a site standard Gold Build. For inexperienced staff, it packages the expertise needed to install SQL Server complete with Service Packs, Cumulative Updates, and useful tools, all configured for optimum use.

FineBuild also abstracts most of the differences in the operating system and the SQL Server version and edition, and will perform all operating system configuration tasks needed for SQL Server. This results in a similar experience when installing SQL Server 2005 Express on Windows XP through to installing SQL Server 2016 on a Windows 2016 Core cluster. All this is designed to fulfil the FineBuild strapline of 1-click installation and best-practice configuration for SQL Server.

FineBuild consists of this Wiki, a Reference Manual, a FineBuild Quick Start guide, and associated scripts. The scripts are pre-configured to provide a best practice configuration, and require minimal configuration for drive letters and account names before deployment. However, a flexible configuration file and script parameters allow significant changes to the build if required. Site-specific scripts can also be included in the build process without the need to change any of the supplied code.

FineBuild is distributed under the terms of the Ms-PL License, for full details see License and Acknowledgements. Even though there is no charge for using FineBuild, please donate whatever FineBuild is worth to you as all money goes direct to charity. Tearfund is one of the UK's leading relief and development charities. Click here to donate.

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