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FineBuild Log File

This page describes the SQL FineBuild Log File.

The FineBuild Log File is a record of each SQL FineBuild install process. The log file can be found on the System drive, in the Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server \FineBuild Logs folder.

A separate FineBuild log file is created for each SQL instance that is installed, and for each of the SQL FineBuild Standard Builds.

There are two levels of detail that can be shown in the log file:
  1. The standard level of detail shows the start and end of each process within SQL FineBuild, plus any important status messages.
  2. An enhanced level of detail is given by adding the following parameter at run time. This will give additional information during the execution of a process, and can be useful if it is necessary to report a failure of SQL FineBuild.
Details of how to use the FineBuild Log File to resolve problems is given in FineBuild Troubleshooting.

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