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Install Additional SQL Server Clusters

If more than one SQL DB cluster is to be installed on the Windows cluster, the following process should be used.

If SQL Server has already been installed on the cluster node, then all pre-requisites should be in place and no reboot will be performed during the install process.

Installing the First Additional Cluster Node

1) Log on to the first node that needs the new cluster

2) Create the additional SQL Server cluster

The additional cluster can be installed using the SQLFineClusterInstance script. Edit the script to use the allocated account names.

If all pre-requisite components have already been installed, no reboot will be performed. If any pre-requisite components need to be installed, a reboot will be performed automatically.
CALL "SQLFineBuild.bat" %*            /Type:Full      /IAcceptLicenseTerms  ^
 /SAPWD:"UseAL0ngPa55phrase!"                         ^
 /GroupDBA:”GBGGDBAS01”  /GroupDBANonSA:”GBGGDBAN01”  ^
 /Instance:HR                                         ^
 /DrvProg:C /DrvTempWin:C /DrvDTC:P                   ^
 /DrvBackup:O /DrvData:N /DrvDataFT:N /DrvLog:O /DrvSysDB:N /DrvTemp:O      ^
 /SQLSVCAccount:"ROOT\ServGB_SQLDB_0002"              ^
  /SQLSVCPassword:"Kedtt47$jt!rw96vbhH=#tdDrfd4lz"    ^
 /AGTSVCACCOUNT:"ROOT\ServGB_SQLAG_0002"              ^
  /AGTSVCPASSWORD:"Pff04cnedO#fed$drFExik31da*fgo"    ^
 /FTSVCACCOUNT:"ROOT\ServGB_SQLFT_0002"               ^
  /FTSVCPASSWORD:"Nyv35$fvsqtvHYw3Seg*$Dpklqr2g9"     ^
 /SETUPCMDSHELL:YES                                   ^
  /CMDSHELLPASSWORD:"He$dW2zdlh7Ge2cDu0*t"            ^
 /ACTION:"InstallFailoverCluster"                     ^

a) The /SQLDOMAINGROUP:, /AGTDOMAINGROUP: and /ASDOMAINGROUP: parameters are required when installing on Windows 2003, but are optional if installing SQL Server 2008 or above on Windows 2008 or above.
b) The /ADMINPASSWORD: parameter is only required when installing a SQL2005 cluster. This parameter must contain the password of the account running the install.
3) Complete the Residual Interactive Tasks given for Additional Named Instance Server Build.

Install Remaining Additional Cluster Nodes

1) Log on to the next node that needs the additional SQL Server cluster.

2) Repeat steps 2) and 3) from above, but use the value ADDNODE for the /ACTION: parameter:
CALL "SQLFineClusterInstance.bat" %* /IAcceptLicenseTerms ^

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