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Install First SQL Server Cluster Node

The planning and preparation processes described previously should all be completed before installing the first SQL Server cluster node.

The SQL FineBuild cluster install process is designed to install SQL Server on to a single Windows cluster node each time it is run. Apart from SQL 2005 it does not matter if the other cluster nodes are active during this install.

SQL 2005 Only you must make sure to shut down any Windows Cluster nodes where you do not want the current SQL Server instance to be installed. The Microsoft cluster install process for SQL 2005 will perform a remote installation of SQL 2005 on all cluster nodes that are active. This problem does not apply to more recent versions of SQL Server.

1) Log on to the first cluster node using an account that is a member of the local Administrators group and which has domain Account Operator rights.

2) Complete all the non-automated processes described in Cluster Install Preparation

The automated portions of Preparatory Tasks will be performed by the SQLFineCluster process.

3) Create the SQL Server Cluster

Installing the first node of a SQL Server cluster is done by the SQLFineCluster process.

See FineBuild Parameter Syntax for details of the colours used in the code example and other syntax details.

REM Copyright © 2008 - 2014 Edward Vassie.  Distributed under Ms-Pl License
CALL "SqlFineBuild.bat" %*     /Type:Full             /IAcceptLicenseTerms  ^
 /SAPWD:"UseAL0ngPa55phrase!"                         ^
 /GroupDBA:”GBGGDBAS01”        /GroupDBANonSA:”GBGGDBAN01”                  ^
 /DrvProg:E /DrvTempWin:E /DrvDTC:M                   ^
 /DrvBackup:J /DrvData:J /DrvDataFT:J /DrvLog:K /DrvSysDB:J /DrvTemp:J      ^
 /DrvBackupAS:G /DrvDataAS:F /DrvLogAS:G /DrvTempAS:F                       ^
 /SQLSVCAccount:"ROOT\ServGB_SQLDB_0001"              ^
  /SQLSVCPassword:"Argyt$6hsGGWMP894s4Gw2b73GS2o0"    ^
 /AGTSVCACCOUNT:"ROOT\ServGB_SQLAG_0001"              ^
  /AGTSVCPASSWORD:"F6tbmd*nf!dfGFrcQnm84g4K7zwq2j"    ^
 /ASSVCACCOUNT:"ROOT\ServGB_SQLAS_0001"               ^
  /ASSVCPASSWORD:"kE44bmutFGS579*bssJW84f=Rb6ehj"     ^
 /FTSVCACCOUNT:"ROOT\ServGB_SQLFT_0001"               ^
  /FTSVCPASSWORD:"w$Yhfb84nmkl5r*hsdFR7yNs2$ynd6"     ^
 /ISSVCACCOUNT:"ROOT\ServGB_SQLIS_0001"               ^
  /ISSVCPASSWORD:"bSHG5iuf9DFF#dw2!F5sKSIw43tnb7"     ^
 /RSSVCACCOUNT:"ROOT\ServGB_SQLRS_0001"               ^
  /RSSVCPASSWORD:"Orfd450!#DTWjn63hw45JDD873hk84"     ^
 /SetupCmdShell:Yes                                   ^
 /CmdshellAccount:”ROOT\AppGB_SQLCS_0001”             ^
  /CmdshellPassword:”j25Fb*ef$36ySIyBW7hZ”            ^
 /SetupRSExec:Yes                                     ^
 /RSEXECACCOUNT:"PROD\APPGB_SQLRS_0001"               ^
  /RSEXECPASSWORD:"Prf53g#fdf$Efbv8QGH3"              ^
 /ACTION:"InstallFailoverCluster"                     ^
 /ASDOMAINGROUP:"ROOT\GBGGSQLC01AS"                   ^

a) The syntax for all parameters prior to /ACTION: are identical to the SQLFineServer script. See Main Instance Server Build for more information about these parameters.
b) The syntax for the /ACTION: parameter and all subsequent parameters is given in BOL.
c) If the first cluster is to be installed as a named instance, add a /Instance: parameter giving the instance name.
d) The /SQLDOMAINGROUP:, /AGTDOMAINGROUP: and /ASDOMAINGROUP: parameters are required when installing on Windows 2003, but are optional if installing SQL Server 2008 or above on Windows 2008 or above. If these parameters are supplied, then:
The SQL Server service account must be a member of the /SQLDOMAINGROUP: group.
The SQL Agent service account must be a member of the /AGTDOMAINGROUP: group.
The SSAS service account must be a member of the /ASDOMAINGROUP: group.
e) The /ADMINPASSWORD: parameter required when installing a SQL2005 cluster, but for all installs it will allow SQL FineBuild to log on automatically after a reboot. This parameter must contain the password of the account running the install.
f) SQL 2005 Only If you are installing a SQL 2005 Cluster on Windows 2008 or Windows 2008 R2 then the following message will appear. Click OK to continue. The message is produced because the SQL2005 Full Text service is dependent on the NTLMSSP service which does not exist on Windows 2008 or above, but this problem is automatically fixed at a later stage in SQL FineBuild.
g) If you are installing on to Windows 2008 R2 Core then SQL FineBuild will add the following parameter if it is needed:
4) The sequence of install activity is given below. Only those tasks valid for the Windows version and the SQL Server version being installed will be performed.
Item Comment
Install Preparation Server preparation tasks
Install SQL Pre Install Tasks SQL Server Pre-Requisite tasks
Install SQL Server DB Engine Cluster
Install SSAS Cluster
Install SSRS Cluster
Install Non-Clustered Components
Install SQL Post Install Tasks SQL Server Post-Requisite tasks
SQL Fixes Install
Extra Components Install
SQL Configuration
User Configuration

5) Complete the Residual Interactive Tasks given for Main Instance Server Build.

6) SQL 2005 Only If you are installing a SQL2005 Cluster you MUST reboot the server after the SQL install of the first node has completed, otherwise the SQL installs for other nodes will fail as described in SQL Server Installation Problems. This reboot is not required for other SQL Server versions.

Copyright FineBuild Team © 2014 - 2016. License and Acknowledgements
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