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Non-English Versions Of SQL Server

FineBuild can be used to install non-English versions of SQL Server on non-English versions of Windows.

In order to install a non-English version of SQL Server, language-specific values must be given for some parameters and language-specific versions of some components must be downloaded.

Language-Specific Items

The parameter values that must be changed are listed below. It is recommended that these are supplied by including a Language File in the SQL FineBuild command chain, but they can be supplied by changing the Configuration File.

The file contains suitable Language files. The language file you need should be extracted from and placed in the FineBuild folder. It can then be used in much the same way as the Role files described in Large Scale Deployment Using SQL FineBuild.

Contributions of language files from the SQL FineBuild comunity are welcome. Any contribution will be acknowleged.

Item Comment
Language Microsoft language code for the language being installed
ResponseYes Single-letter YES response to questions that ask for [Y/N] input
ResponseNo Single-letter NO response to questions that ask for [Y/N] input
BOLmsi Name of language-specific Books Online (BOL) download. This is only required if there is an update to the BOL download included in the SQL Server install media

The language-specific components that must be downloaded are listed below. The components should be placed in the same location as the English-language component.

SQL FineBuild will use the value given for the /Language: parameter to select the correct component.

Item Comment
Java DBC See Install Java DBC Driver
Powershell V2 See Install Powershell V2
Windows 2003 KB 933789 See Install Windows 2003 KB933789
Windows 2003 KB 937444 See Install Windows 2003 KB937444
Windows 2008 KB 956250 See Install Windows 2008 KB956250
Visual Studio 2005 SP1 See Install Visual Studio 2005 SP1
Visual Studio 2005 KB 932232 See Install Windows 2008 KB932232
Visual Studio 2005 KB 954961 Install VS2005 SP1 KB 954961 fix

A sample Language file giving the values needed to install a German version of SQL Server on to a German version of Windows, called SQLFineBuildDEU.bat, is given below.
REM Copyright FineBuild Team © 2010 - 2016.  Distributed under Ms-Pl License
CALL "SQLFineBuild.bat" %*                                ^
 /Language:DEU                                            ^
 /ResponseNo:N                                            ^
 /ResponseYes:J                                           ^

Recommended Install Process

The recommended approaches for installing non-English versions of SQL Server with FineBuild are:

1) All SQL Server installs will use the same non-English language

The simplest method if only one language will be used is to use a Language file.
If you are using Role files, the Role file should execute the Language file by replacing
CALL "SQLFineBuild.bat"
CALL "SQLFineBuildDEU.bat"
This principle applies to any other file that calls SQLFineBuild.bat.
An alternative approach is to edit the Configuration file and update the Strings keywords to hold the values shown in the Language file. In this situation no changes are needed when calling SQLFineBuild.bat.
2) Multiple non-English languages will be used

The simplest approach for supporting multiple languages is to create multiple copies of the Configuration file, one for each language. The Strings keywords in each file should be updated to hold the values for the relevant language.
When running FineBuild, a /Config: parameter should be added to specify which Configuration file should be used, as in the example below:
Copyright FineBuild Team © 2014 - 2016. License and Acknowledgements
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