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Pismo File Mount

This page shows how to install and use the virtual DVD drive provided by Pismo File Mount.

Windows 2008 R2 and below can not browse ISO files. If you need to browse an ISO file on Windows 2008 R2 or below, the simplest way to do this is via a virtual DVD drive. Windows 2012 and above allows ISO files to be browsed without the need for additional software, so a virtual DVD package is not needed for these systems.

There are many virtual DVD drive packages available. This page describes the Pismo File Mount package because it is particularly easy to use.

SQL FineBuild does not install Pismo File Mount because it is needed to prepare the SQL Server install media before FineBuild is run. The process of installing and using it is described below.
Installing Pismo File Mount
Using Pismo File Mount

Installing Pismo File Mount

1) Download Pismo File Mount. The version number (171) may change over time.
Pismo File Mount Home Page
Pismo File Mount Download

2) Double-click on the install file to start the install process
3) If the User Account Control window is displayed, click Next to continue
4) The Install window is displayed. Click Install to continue
5) The install is complete. Click Close to exit

Using Pismo File Mount

The simplest way to use Pismo File Mount is to perform a Quick Mount of an ISO file.

1) Right-click on the required ISO file and select Quick Mount
2) The ISO file is now mounted as a folder
3) The ISO file can now be browsed
4) When you are finished with the ISO file, then unmount it
Use the Browser BACK button to return to the parent process

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