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Post-Fix Tasks

FineBuild will perform some processing after the updates have completed.

The Post-Fix Tasks processing relates to Process Id 3D. The Post-Fix tasks are always performed.

The Post-Fix tasks processing includes the following items:
Run Updates
Run Backup
Get SQL Version

Manual Post-Fix Tasks

The following steps show what you would have to do to Post-Fix Tasks manually. FineBuild does all of this work for you automatically.

Run Updates

The first time that SQL Server is started normally after applying fixes it may require additional time to process mandatory database changes.
1) Start SQL Server using the appropriate command from the table below
Type of SQL Server install Command
SQL Server not clustered, default instance NET START MSSQLSERVER
SQL Server not clustered, named instance NET START MSSQL$name
SQL Server is clustered CLUSTER ClusterName GROUP SQLClusterGroup /ON

2) Check the SQL Server Errorlog for a message that says the SQL Server restart is complete
The Errorlog file may have to be browsed multiple times before the message appears
3) Wait an additional 10 seconds before trying to use SQL Server, to allow time for fix processing to complete

Run Backup

SQL Server is stopped and a copy is made of critical system databases.

See System Database Backup for details.

Get SQL Version

The SQL fix version is saved so that it can be referenced later in SQL FineBuild

1) In Management Studio, run the following command and save the SQL Server fix version

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