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SQL Administration Server

The Best Practice for managing SQL Server is that all administration activty is performed from a dedicated Administration Server. The Administration Server should host all required SQL Client Tools, but should not host any user databases.

The servers hosting user databases should be accessed using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), and other required tools. If Best Practice is being followed, there are no reasons to log on to a server hosting user databases, except for emergency troubleshooting. Many sites reinforce the 'hands off' approach by mandating that client tools are not installed on servers that host user databases, and even by requiring the use of restricted accounts in order to log on to them.

SQL FineBuild can install all the tools needed for an Administration Server by using the Client Tools Only Build.

The Administraton Server should also be configured to support Remote Desktop Services, to allow all DBA staff to use the same Administration Server. Larger organisations often provide one Administration Server at each data centre, to avoid disruption if an Administration Server fails.

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