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SQL Client Tools

SQL Server provides a number of client tools that can be used to manage and administer SQL Server instances. A large number of community and commercial third-party tools are also available. Most Database Administrators (DBAs) find they need to use some tools beyond those supplied by Microsoft if they are to do their job in the most cost-effective manner.

The Best Practice for managing SQL Server is that all administration activty is performed from a dedicated SQL Administration Server. The Administration Server should host all required client tools, but should not host any user databases.

SQL FineBuild can install all the tools needed for an Administration Server by using the Client Tools Only Build.

By default, SQL FineBuild will not install client tools when performing a Main Instance Server Build or an Additional Named Instance Server Build, but client tools can be installed with these builds by adding the parameter /SetupSQLTools:Yes. However, if the install is being done on a Windows Core server, the client tools install is always blocked.

Client tools are installed by default for a Workstation Build. This is because a workstation build is more likely to be used by application developers who need the client components, while a server build is more likely to be used in a managed environment that has a dedicated administration server.

If the value of /SetupSQLTools: is set to NO, the install of the following components will be blocked, as these are classed as client components. If the installs are not blocked globally, then the install of each tool is controlled by the parameter given for the tool.

Item Parameter
SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) /SetupSSMS:
Install SQL Books Online Update (BOL) /SetupBOL:
Business Intelligence Design Studio (BIDS) /SetupBIDS:
Install Baseline Configuration Analyzer /SetupMBCA:
Install Report Viewer /SetupReportViewer :
Install MDX Studio /SetupMDXStudio:
Install BIDS Helper /SetupBIDSHelper:
Install DTS Designer /SetupDTSDesigner:
Install DTS Backup 2000 /SetupDTSBackup:
Install SSIS Raw File Reader /SetupRawReader:
Install Taskpad View Report /SetupRptTaskpad:
Install Reporting Services Scripter /SetupRSScripter:
Install Linked Report Generator /SetupRSLinkGen:
Install SQL Best Practice Analyzer /SetupBPAnalyzer:
Install SQL Cache Manager /SetupCacheManager:
Install SQL Internals Viewer /SetupIntViewer:
Install SQL Performance Dashboard /SetupPerfDash:
Install SSDT /SetupSSDT:
Install SSDT-BI /SetupSSDTBI:
Install System Views Map /SetupSystemViews:
Install Extended Events Manager /SetupXEvents:
Install PDF Reader /SetupPDFReader:
Install RML Utilities /SetupRMLTools:
Install SQL Nexus /SetupSQLNexus:
Install Troubleshooting Guide /SetupTrouble:
Install XML Notepad /SetupXMLNotepad:
Install Plan Explorer /SetupPlanExplorer:
Install Plan Explorer SSMS Addin /SetupPlanExpAddin:
Install ZoomIt /SetupZoomIt:

The installation of the following components is not affected by the setting of InstSQLTools. These components are used for troubleshooting and need to be run on the server that has a problem. If it is desired to not install the components below, then the relevant parameter must be supplied and set to NO at run time.

Install Process Explorer /SetupProcExp:
Install Process Monitor /SetupProcMon:

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