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SQL Server Memory Management

SQL FineBuild can configure SQL Server memory management properties to optimise the performance of SQL Server.

In general, the more memory that SQL Server uses the faster it can perform. There are two key items to consider when tuning SQL Server memory properties:
  • Avoid trying to use more memory than is available
  • Make sure the memory that is available is used

The standard Microsoft default values for memory management properties do not meet these objectives. If you rely on the Microsoft standard values, then 64-bit editions of SQL Server will often try to use more memory than is available, and 32-bit editions of SQL Server will not use all the memory that is available. Both of these situations can be fixed by SQL FineBuild.

The processes used by SQL FineBuild to optimise SQL Server memory use are described below:

Memory Property Description
Windows Memory Switches Describes Operating System Switches relevant to SQL Server memory management
Windows Memory Rights Describes Windows Rights relevant to SQL Server memory management
SQL Server Memory Startup Switches Describes SQL Server Startup Switches relevant to memory management
SQL Server AWE Property Describes how the AWE property is used by SQL Server

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