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Set Data Collector Job Names

FineBuild can set Data Collector Job Names.

Configuring the Data Collectors will cause SQL Agent jobs to be created that run the data collection process. These jobs have the data collection number imbedded in the job name, but it is not obvious from the data collection number which data collection set the job relates to.

The jobs are therefore renamed to replace the data collection number with the data collection set name.

FineBuild Set Data Collector Job Names

The configuration of the MDW database within FineBuild is broken down into a number of stages, in order to simplify restart processing if any of them fail.

This section describes how to set the Data Collector Job Names. The Data Collector Job Names configuration relates to Process Id 5EDF.

Manual Set Data Collector Job Names

The following steps show what you would have to do for manual set Data Collector Job Names. FineBuild does all of this work for you automatically.

1) Using SQL Server Management Studio, run the following query to enumerate the collection set Ids.
SELECT collection_set_id,name FROM msdb.dbo.syscollector_collection_sets

2) Navigate to the Data Collection jobs. The names for all these jobs start collection_set_. Highlight the first job and select Properties.
3) The Job Properties window is displayed.
4) Change the job name to replace the collection set number with the collection set name as shown in the above query.

The table below shows what are normally the correct changes to make, but you should check what has been set up at your own site before making these changes.
Old Name collection_set_1_noncached_collect_and_upload
New Name collection_set_Disk Usage_noncached_collect_and_upload
Old Name collection_set_2_collection
New Name collection_set_Server Activity_collection
Old Name collection_set_2_upload
New Name collection_set_Server Activity_upload
Old Name collection_set_3_collection
New Name collection_set_Query Statistics_collection
Old Name collection_set_3_upload
New Name collection_set_Query Statistics_upload

5) For each job, also set the Notifications details as shown below:
6) The Notifications details of the mdw_purge_data_ManagementDW job should also be changed as described in step 5).

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