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Setup Power Configuration

FineBuild can set up the Windows Power Configuration to optimise performance for SQL Server.

FineBuild Power Configuration Processing

Automated processing of Power Configuration relates to Process Id 1CC in the FineBuild1Preparation script, and is controlled by the parameter below:

Parameter Build SQL2005 SQL2008 SQL2008 R2 SQL2012 SQL2014 SQL2016 SQL2017
SetupPowerCfg FULL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SetupPowerCfg WORKSTATION No No No No No No No
SetupPowerCfg CLIENT No No No No No No No

The server is set to the High Performance power plan.

Setup of Power Configuration is not performed automatically for Workstation and Client build as these types of installations often have conflicting demands for power usage.

Manual Setup Power Configuration Processing

The following steps show what you would have to do to setup Power Configuration manually. FineBuild does all of this work for you automatically.

This processing should always be performed for a Server Build, but may not be required for other types of build.

The name of the High Performance power plan varies according to the version of Windows being used. However, the GUID of this plan is the same for all editions of Windows, and this is used in the example below.

1) Open the Registry Editor by Start -> Run and type regedit
2) Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Power\PowerSettings. If any of these keys do not exist then create them.
3) If it does not already exist, create a new String Value called ActivePowerScheme
4) Set the value of ActivePowerScheme to the value below. This value is the GUID for the High Performance power plan and is the same value in all versions of Windows.
5) The above can also be achieved from the Control Panel. Open Power Options and select the High Performance power plan
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